Happy Saturday! . The never ending task of vacuuming hair off the floor! . Now time to go kill the day! . #saturday #rainyday #wishingforsummer #adulting

Breakfast of champions!! #wedothework #1am1stphorm Never Lose Focus

“Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances” - Jackie Chan . . #1am1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #ironrebebel #ironrebelarmy #ironrebelfit #dailydose #dose #11bangbang #grunts

Snack time! I mean who doesn’t love a tasty snack? I personally have a pretty vicious sweet tooth. Around 3pm my brain starts to whisper psst get some ice cream 🍦 While I would love ❤️ to eat ice cream daily that really isn’t a wish nutrition choice. I wanted to share my go to snack for any fellow sweet seekers out there. I mix a cup of whole milk plain yogurt with a scoop of PB fit and sprinkle a few Tbsp of this amazing grain free granola I found @costco. I mean where would I be without Costco!! 🙌 I then throw 2 scoops of #optigreens50 in a 20oz shaker cup of water so I know I am not missing out on any of my daily servings of greens! 💥 What is your go to sweet snack? I would love to hear from you! #healthiertogether #fitfam #personaltrainer #1am1stphorm #eatforhealth

Bikini girls be like ... see this equipment made for biceps .. I’m gonna use it for glutes instead 🤣 #HumpDay . I usually do these reverse frog hypers on @theglutebuilder bench since it pivots. But the gym was busy and I knew people were waiting to use it so I decided not to be an ass hole. Lol. . Most people use the back of an incline bench to do this style of band or bodyweight hyper ... and that’s fine ... but I like using the bicep seat better! It’s more comfy...especially if the benches at your gym are pointy! That always hurts my organs. HaHa. Try it the next time you do them! . THREE DAYS OUT #BattleInTheDesert — another lower body day in the books! Earlier in the week it was heav(ier) and today a little lighter. I’m sure I’ll hit glutes the next two days a little bit in my show eve-eve and show-eve full body workouts. So didn’t wanna over do it today. But got in an great #bootyburn 🍑 Anyone else bake cakes today? . Leggings @foxyathletics

#transformationtuesday: a four year journey. About a 110lbs difference. Blood, sweat, tears, surgeries, and hard work. Embrace the struggle and earn the rewards. #mylifematters.

Who is a night owl? 🦉Who has a sweet tooth? 🍭 Who has a problem with getting a chance to eat breakfast in the morning because you're on the go? 🍽 __ well if you answered yes to one or all of these apply to you then you're not alone!!! I struggle tremendously with snacking at night because I stay up so late because that's when I feel the most creative. __ Whether you're on a fitness quest or trying to obtain better eating habits #Level1 can become your bestie like it became mine. How can this help you? What's exciting is if you need a snack especially at night it will feed your muscles while you're are sleeping. Burning that fat while building muscle sounds pretty bad a$$ to me. When you're on the go it can serve as a meal replacement. If that still doesn't sound exciting you can freeze your protein and eat as ice cream! The flavors are all 😽 popping. My current go to flavor is German chocolate cake 🍫 __ As always if you click the link in my bio👆🏽And click on the link free shipping. That's right I got you on free shipping for #Level1 or any other @1stphorm products. Always here to help and answer any questions so drop a comment below 👇🏾or come holler at me and email me at📲 [email protected] . .. . #1stphorm #1am1stPhorm #Protein #Lufestyle #ArianeAndrew #FitFam #Fitness #Inspire #Motivate #InspireDaily #Fitspiration #Health #Welness #WellnessWednesday #Goals #Motivation #FitLife #LateNights #EarlyMorning #Hustle #Grind #Focused #Resilient #Driven

Be as beautiful on the inside as others see on the outside! . . . #bestversionofyou #beautifulinsideandout

Happy Monday! . You know what my favorite thing in the world is? Talking to and teaching people about the importance of taking care of your gut health! We have reach the middle of summer and it's a great time to check in to our gut-health ..... After all the barbeques, picnics and celebrations, how do you really feel these days? -sluggish? -tired? -iritable? -no motivation? -sick to your stomach? -feelings of bloat or swelling? . These are all signs that your gut and digestive system is out of whack! By taking Opti-greens 50 every day, the way in how your body digests foods will easily increase your digestion rate, decrease bloat, promote a healthier gut flora and reduce oxidative stress levels. . Most cannot (including those that eat a lot of produce like vegans/vegetarians) consume enough fruits and vegetables in one day to reach the optimal level to aide in a better digestive system. Opti-greens 50 is equipped with 50 ingredients and a minimum of 11 servings of fruits and vegetables that we would otherwise never consume in 2 scoops! - So I ask that you take a moment to really think about how you feel on a daily basis. If you feel that you are ready to see some changes from the inside out and haven't given these amazing greens out, I strongly suggest you do. Give them a shot by using my link and not only will you get free shipping but you will always receive 110% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied! Feel free to msg me with any questions! #summerbodyinprogress

Post workout Sunday brunch! . After a tough workout starting with #30forthekids on the stairmaster, followed by a full chest day and finished it out with 100 wall balls superset by jumping rope. I wanted to crawl out of the gym 😩 . Imperfect Produce (ip) is yet again the game changer and my savior today for my favorite meal of the day.....breakfast! . I intermittent fast every day so I often miss breakfast but I could eat breakfast food any time of the day. . . - Red potatoes (ip) - zucchini (ip) - mushrooms (ip) - eggs - avocado (ip) - parmesan cheese . Today I would love to sit by a pool 💦 and do nothing but read a book or just do nothing but I have too much adulting to do. Chores, errands and other responsibilities make me sad when all I want to do is play outside lol! So Im going to sit here with my breakfast and take my sweet ass time to finish to procrastinate on all the things I don't want to do today. . I hope you're having an amazing Sunday 💕 #THECOMEBACK

Aloha and Happy 🍟Yay you beautiful humans! . . . Even on vacation I got to get it in! A plan without execution is merely just a Dream.Here are a few workouts you can do straight from your crib 3*12 🏝Push-up with slow motion alternating mountain climbers - 🏝Body weight squats - 🏝 Alternating Jump lunges - 🏝Reverse Lunge with cored gliding discs! . . . #1stPhorm #1am1stPhorm #Lifestyle #ArianeAndrew #FitFam #Fitness #Inspire #Motivate #InspireDaily #Fitspiration #Health #Wellness #Goals #Motivation #FitLife #LateNights #EarlyMorning #Hustle #Grind #Focused #Resilient #Driven #Hawaii #VactionWorkOut

Ending a busy day with some reading before bed. - #reading #bookworm #booknerd #1am1stphorm #bookstagram #readingtime📖

I used to think poorly of those that chose groceries delivered to your door because I could only associate it as the lazy mans shopping. . We live in a world paced somewhere around warp speed. To make my life easier to prepare healthier meals and to stay on track I became very habitual with my food choices......in other words- very boring and very predictable. Every week grocery shopping, my cart would be loaded with exactly the same boring food. I didnt have to think about what I was going to make for dinner because it was the same thing every night. . Then I found out about this company called Imperfect Produce based out of San Francisco. They team up with farms all over that have good quality produce that cannot go to market because of the way it looks (why is everything in this country judged by its cover???) or due to a surplus that would just go to waste only to produce excess amounts of CO-2. . Every week I get a box delivered full of vegetables that is anywhere from typical items I would buy like lettuce, kale, avocados or tomatoes to some items that I would eat for sure but would never think about buying when I am at the store myself like artichokes or butternut squash. . I am so glad that I have changed my idea of door step groceries because it has not only saved me time (and money! 💰💰💰) shopping at the store so I can spend my energy doing other things. It also has forced me to think outside the box by continuing to cook fast, health minded meals but use the ingredients that have been given to me that are changing each and every week. Not to forget saving the 🌏 from a little less excess waste 😉 . My entire dinner (excluding my green apples) was made from ingredients out of a box! . - leaf lettuce - celery - english cucumber - red beets - cauliflower - red potato - cabbage - kale . Bon appetit 🥗 . #thecomeback #acceptchange


A huge shout out to all the strong women out there fighting to reach their goals each and every day! What are you working on for yourself at this moment? . Currently I'm working on realizing my worth. Everyday working on understanding that we are all worth it! . Never give up! . Stand tall! . Smile through the pain! . Know this.......YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 🤗💕 #THECOMEBACK

Post workout stack on deck!! I hit legs hard today and finished a HIIT of 20 jumping lunges + 20 burpees for 4 rounds! It was tough!! Preparing for the victory games @crossfit_aggregate this weekend to support our veterans! #1stphorm #1am1stphorm #fitwife #fitmarriage #legday #burpees #lunges #legionofboom #phormula1 #igniton

Today is #TransFormationTuesday as well as client appreciation day. As some motivation to get back on track after indulging, I wanted to shoutout a client of mine @dkristinn I have been working with. As we have made small progress I think it’s important to show small transformation steps so people know it’s not a sprint but a marathon . . I have been working with Danielle for just a little over of a month. We have made some small progress and I wanted to bring you along on the journey with us. . . . Instead of waiting to show a huge transformation I like to be realistic and take you along on the journey and stay as authentic as possible. Danielle has lost 7 pounds since I have been working with her and I’m truly proud. . . Hard work does pay off no matter what your goals and dreams are when you trust the process, stay committed, and when you’re patient. Trust me your dreams start to become reality. . . . #1stPhorm #1am1stPhorm #Lifestyle #ArianeAndrew #DoubleAAcademy #FitFam #Fitness #Inspire #Motivate #InspireDaily #Fitspiration #Health #Wellness #Goals #Motivation #FitLife #LateNights #EarlyMorning #Hustle #Grind #Focused #Resilient #Driven

I’ve been lifting weights for about a month now! (Started at month 5)... I can’t do what I use too but I’m shocked how great my energy is and that I can almost always finish a complete workout. Right now I’m alternating arms, back, shoulders, and legs each day and finish with 20 mins on the stair master and some stretching 💪🏼 #24weekspregnant #6months // Tank top by @1stphorm #1am1stphorm