Manifesting 101 1. Get clear on what you want, exactly what you want. Decide what you want. Know that it’s yours. 2. Get clear on what’s blocking you - why you think you can’t have it, where that thought or voice is coming from (a parent, society, your boo, etc.), forgive and release them. Write it out. 3. Flip the script and rewrite the story. Write how all of the dreams are coming to life and craft some potent positive affirmations. Focus on that so much that you don’t have the mental bandwidth for doubt. 4. Imagine, visualize, feel. Visualize what you want, how it feels, tastes, looks, etc. Fully immerse yourself in the experience and visualization. Are there any blocks that are coming up while you visualize? 5. Elevate your vibe and match it to the thing you want. After you’ve visualized it, stay in that energy. Stay compatible. 6. Ask for guidance and for your next steps. Allow inspired ideas to come in and follow that. 7. Release & allow. Allow the Universe to co-create with you. Drop into trust and faith that what you want is on its way like an amazon delivery or someone who never lets you down. 8. Bonus: express gratitude. Thank the Universe for delivering what you want before it’s happened. Cement your positive expectation to magnetize your desires faster. Namaste. Go manifest the fck out of this week! 💖✨👽

“An Old Classic” We happened to drive past this former Tuberculosis sanitarium during a road trip a couple of years ago. We knew it was pretty stripped out inside, but popped in for 5 minutes to grab a couple of snaps - including this knackered old fire truck rusting away outside 🚒 #urbanexploration #urbex #all_is_abandoned #rsa_abandoned #urbex_supreme #ig_urbex #decay_nation #abandon_seekers_ #kings_abandoned #jj_urbex #igw_decay #exploreeverything #theforgottenspaces #urbex_utopia #lostsplaces #rsa_abandoned #ig_bando #fatalframes #abandonedcentral #forgottenplaces #haunting #allabandoned #abanddoned #bando #abandoned_addiction #discarded_butnot_forgotten #abandonedplaces #abandonig

[El Ayuntamiento organiza tres hogueras para la Noche de San Juan, donde habrán novedades muy sorprendentes] El alcalde, Juan Franco, ha dictado un bando con motivo de la celebración, el 23 de junio, de la Noche de San Juan con normas de obligado cumplimiento sobre medidas de protección e higiénico-sanitarias, así como aquellas destinadas a garantizar la seguridad de las personas, bienes y patrimonio común, y a evitar molestias a terceros. Dada la gran afluencia de personas en las playas, se han establecido las siguientes condiciones de uso para las hogueras de San Juan: No se autoriza la realización de hogueras por particulares, asociaciones o chiringuitos. No obstante, las asociaciones podrán solicitar colaborar con el ayuntamiento en la organización de las hogueras programadas.  El ayuntamiento prevé la colocación de tres hogueras en las playas de Levante, concretamente, en las zonas de la Atunara, el Conchal y San Bernardo. Por otra parte, se prohíbe el uso de puntos de ignición volátiles, como farolillos incandescentes o elementos similares. Además, las personas que asistan a las hogueras de San Juan deberán depositar todo tipo de basuras y residuos en los contenedores o papeleras situados en las playas o sus aledaños. La Policía Local, la delegación de Playas,  Protección Civil y Bomberos vigilarán el cumplimiento de todas estas normas. Su incumplimiento dará lugar a las preceptivas sanciones administrativas a quienes no respeten estas obligaciones. Se acabaron los palés. #LaLineaMejora #SanJuan #Hogueras #Bando #Seguridad #Limpieza #Basuras #Residuos #Multas #LaLineaAutentica #LaLinea #LaLineadelaconcepcion #Campodegibraltar #Gibraltar #Algeciras #Andalucia #Cadiz #España #Spain

THE APOCOLYPSE IS HERE🤗🎉. It's realest OG's day🚀, The Rocket Boy🚀, MR. PERFECT😌 One of the only men I know God really spent time on, I mean, just look at him😩. I love everything about this man, from his looks, to his personality, his talent, his style, his respect for real women😩😩, Oh Gawd, that's my favorite one. I could go on, but, that'll take a all day😂. One of the best artists you'll ever come across, on Gawd🙌🏾, I mean, y'all already there's no disappointments with Takeoff🔥💯. One of the most intelligent, thoughtful, quiet and reserved person but don't be fooled, be is also really goofy and loud at time😂. Like I said, God took his time on this one. Whoever gone win heart would be lucky as fuck😭. Knowing about you and seeing the parts of your life you let the world see has been joy to me. I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday and many more long happy years on earth, I hope you get all your desires in life , I mean birthday gifts were already popping two days before😋 *the Wraith and the Plain Jane*😋 But not just material things, I'm talking bout heart desires too. Have a great birthday. Keep shining and doing great things, cause rockets are meant to Takeoff @yrntakeoff I really hope this gets to you😩💯 _ #Takeday THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE June 18th🚀💯 (Takeoff's Birthday) _ WATCH MY STORY AND ANSWER THE POLL QUESTIONS😘 (take a guess if you don't know the answers😘) @yrntakeoff💫 @yrntakeoff @only1_titania @quavohuncho @offsetyrn @djdurel @migos @migogandolf @relmoney Follow my page @yrntakeoff.feeds for more migos❤💯 _ #takeoff #takeoffnation #migosnation #migos #qualitycontrol #quavohuncho #culture #culture2 #yrn #yungrichnation #yungrichnigga #yrntakeoff #offsetyrn #offsetandcardib #badandboujee #beautyisme #backtothebando #bando #ae4president #hunchoday #stoner #ladytake #stones #lifeofastoner #cardib #nickiminaj #worldstarhiphop #viralvideos #billboardshot10

Maintenance 👌🏾

✨✨Empezamos la semana con muy buena actitud 💪 #beyoutifulstoresv #bando

Yay! Happy Monday loves! 🤗 I hope you had an amazing Father’s Day Weekend! 🌟 We ate Thai food & Korean BBQ haha.. so much amazing food 😄 . . But look loves!!! 😍 I finally received my Gaston Luga backpack just in time for my SAN FRANCISCO trip this weekend! 🌁💕 Don’t forget to join me for an amazing weekend filled with fun Lettering Workshops! 🖌💕 Link in bio for details! 🌟 . . I am also super excited about my @shopbando planner from @m.lovewell because I’ll be traveling to other places this year hoping to host more Lettering Workshops & I cannot wait to share these locations with you soon! 💖 . . Also loves, my wonderful friends over at @gastonluga wanted to give you 15% off when using the code - lettersbyshells 💖✨ #GastonLugaUS #GastonLuga #GLwashere #anywherewithGL

I love shooting this church! ⛪️ . . . @abandonedexcellence @rustlord_unity @abandoneddetroit @abandonedafterdark @jj_urbex

Perfect 📱 case for the friend in your life who needs to take a chill pill #shopcloudnine 💕 #rg @ilovecybershopping