A recent time-lapse of a misty morning sunrise over Lake William, Dartmouth Nova Scotia. #timelapse

we came, we saw & we stampeded. ➖ got to catch the very last bits of stampede and let me tell you, billy talent is apparently a big deal in calgary 😶 ➖ 2 things - there is no better way to end stampede than a cab driver crushing on ryan, twice and i will forever be grateful for millennial concert goers after this weekend.

Here is an Eastern Garter Snake for #worldsnakeday !! This was taken in #algonquinprovincialpark last year!! What amazing animals they are! Did you know that the female gives live birth to up to 85 young?? Wow!! I've had the pleasure of going to the Narcisse Den in Manitoba and seeing a thousand of these snakes emerging from their hibernation!! Super cool!! 🐍

Who are you? Hoo Hoo?

the hottest Nikon accessories now. Link in our bio. Credit to photo owner Great one from - A Nova Scotia Wharf is our Bridge to the Sea . . ______________ CONGRATS! 🏆🏆🏆 ______________ To be Featured, Tag: #nikonartists ______________ . . #novascotia #wharfs #ourwayoflife #becausecanada


Hope everyone had a chance to put their feet 🐾 up and relax this weekend.... Here’s Tiny earlier this spring, we saw him last week and he looked great. No pics as he was on the move and doing exactly as yearling bears should be doing, feeding on salmonberries and staying far away from people. He learned some great lessons from mama.

Blockhouse lighthouse is honestly my favourite lighthouse on the island ⚓️

⚽😄😊Some days are meant for playing. Congratulations to #France for winning the #FIFA #WorldCup #weekend #soccer ___ We had friends come over and visit us this weekend. Hope you had a nice weekend too, friends!❤️😍👍🏻😘