I’m in a Mastiff calendar once again with all my friends from around the world ❤️🐾 My February photo is my fave cos it’s my hunky bachelor pic and my girlfriend Delilah is also near me 💜. Our mastiff lovers group is the best! 🐾 #bloatsurvivor #perthmastiff #englishmastiff #englishmastiffsofinstagram #mastiff #mastiffsofinstagram #apricotmastiff #giantbreed #bigdog #bigdogsofinstagram #mastifflovers #mastiffcalendar #dogmodel

My favourite hedgehog and I. The other hogs are too scared of me, but this one likes to come up and sniff me. She’s kinda ticklish and I sometimes done like that. She also smells weird. Mom is always watching me so I don’t hurt her, but I wouldn’t hurt her.

Okay, you’d think a tiny hedgehog such as Moody, especially 100% blind and the smallest of my array, would be terrified of my 100+ pound monster, but NOPE. She loves crawling on him and sniffing his paws and nose. It’s adorable. Wanna follow him? His Instagram is @dukethedogue. #missmadeyemoodyhog

Bilbo - Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound. Victoria, Australia. Known as the neighborhood protector, but is really just a big softy. His hobbies include making great content such as this sunset pic or posing with his dad. Wants to be an influencer when he grows up. @samuelnewton10 @elise_hanna #bigdogsofinstagram #aussiedogsofinstagram #greatdane #irishwolfhound