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im a fuck up & I hate myself. remember that ur life plan doesnt require a certain someone in it, meaning that once ur tired of someone's bullshit u don't have to keep dealing with it, cut them off & move on with ur life. i just realized this today, dont trust anyone. today was going great until 2 things happened.1.My dad who I was suppose to see on my birthday but cancelled texted me today feeding me bullshit on how he misses me, he's sorry & that he wanted to see me today & me being the idiot that I am gave in& agreed on seeing him today bc a girl needs her father ya know? no surprise, he cancelled because apparently there was something more important then seeing his daughter. its not even the fact that he cancelled that has me crying & upset rn bc I'm use to that but it's the fact that me being a fuck up like always allowed myself to let him back in after promising myself that I wouldn't after last time and it ended up with me being hurt & in pain as the consequence. the second thing that happened was I was at summer school today & I told my "friend" that im almost a month clean of cutting and the only other people that know this is my family. idek why I told her it's just I was tired of holding it all in and needed to talk about it with someone. by the end of school half the school knew and come this fall when school starts back up the rest will probably know. im so upset with my self the most because I've been through this before but yet I still decided to let it happen again and idk if I can take it anymore. my dad doesn't even love me enough to make time for me & I cant trust my friends. everyone in my life ends up leaving and I'm at the point where I'm actually scared that if and when I get Brandon, hunter and Charles, I wont see then again after that and I'll lose them and then I'll feel like they left me like everyone else because I'm worthless and no one actually cares like they say they do. it sucks bc I'm crying rn & am going thru so many emotions & I don't even have someone I can talk to about it. if u read this far thx ilysm:/ @hunterrowland @brandonrowland @charlesgitnick #hbr #charlesgitnick #brandonrowland #hunterrowland

ya might know who I am when I say this #ahoogiewitdaboogie @iambennyz @iambennyz @iambennyz @iambennyz #iambennyz #brandonrowland #hunterrowland

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Ariel is out!! who's next?

the girls stayed alive after that photo? serious question ahrE #hunterrowland #brandonrowland

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Guys should I post the pics that I got w brando and hunter???? @brandonrowland @hunterrowland #brandonrowland #hunterrowland