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MOJAVE UPDATE - Sunday, June 24th, 2018 - ADOPTED! We are so pleased to share the wonderful news - Mojave has been adopted!! Although he has had several applications over the last year, once potential adopters learned of his previous health issues, they were a little intimidated despite the fact he's had ZERO urinary issues or blockages in over a year. That was okay though. We knew eventually his perfect person or people who come along. His newly adoptive mom, Carrie, applied to adopt him just this past week and wrote to us a couple times while her application was in review because she'd truly fallen for him and wanted to be the one to be his forever mom. She has another kitty, you see, who has had the same surgery Mojave has had and who is also on a prescription diet. She's very well versed in what a special needs kitty like Mojave involves and how to care for them - becasue she already has one. She won't even have to buy different food because the prescription diet her kitty is one is the same one that we've been purchasing for Mojave since he's been in our care. But it was a bittersweet day nonetheless. Emalee, Mojave's foster mom, and her daughter, Abbey, have walked this journey with him since he was rescued from Devore 15 months ago. We credit the success of overcoming his medical obstacles to Em, Abs and our amazing vets. He never would have made it to this day without them. Mojave will now share his life with Carrie, his new adoptive mom, two senior kitty brothers and a senior dog sister. Until he acclimates to the rest of the household, he'll have a spare bedroom all to himself that is set up with cat trees, toys and a futon. Emalee wasn't able to get photos of him once he arrived at his new home because "his grumpy ass promptly wiggled under the bed". But she did take a couple of him as she and Abbey said goodbye to him at Petco today before driving over to his new home and family. Recently, we were contacted by The Ian Somerhalder Foundation who gifted us with a grant to help offset some of Mojave's extensive medical costs. More in bio link.

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