4 ft x 8 ft commission piece for the dining room in a home. Acrylic on canvas with gloss resin. #thelastsupper #lastsupper #commissionpainting #religiousart #christianity #biblestory #acrylicpainting #abstracted

We can’t expect our kids to be on their best behavior if we don’t give them a chance to practice and develop “best behavior.” .... .. Roan here has been doing taekwondo for nearly a year. He can sit still now. He can focus. And these are transferable skills. During his peewee basketball season, he stood, quiet and focused, while the coach talked. The other kids were bouncing around nonstop. Before taekwondo, Roan would’ve been doing that right along with them. .... .. So if we want our children to be quiet at mass, be a joy to take out to restaurants, have the ability to master their emotions so they aren’t screaming bloody murder on an airplane, we need to expect better behavior, teach that behavior, and have them practice that behavior. It doesn’t just magically appear otherwise. .... .. Give children: 1) High standards for themselves. 2) Practice these standards within their abilities. 3) Forgive and be gentle when their practice isn’t quite perfect (which it never really will be). .... .. #catholic #catholics #catholicfaith #catholicmom #catholicfamily #christianity #christianmom #faith #thecatholicmama #sahm #sahmlife #momblog #momsofboys #momsofinstagram #momstagram #toddlers #toddlermom #preschoolers #taekwondo #parenting #parenthood

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kitchen ministry was established by Millwood Community Presbyterian Church with the goal of empowering people with the skills to prepare inexpensive and healthy meals. The cooking lessons are free to all in the Spokane community. _ _ _ _ _ #PCUSA #Christianity #Presbyterian #Ministry #Volunteering #Food 📸 : Craig Goodwin

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"SO YOU FOLLOW JESUS BUT YOU AREN'T A CHRISTIAN?" • Every day in my inbox... So let's have an open and engaging conversation. • It can be confusing to explain the evolution of one's spiritual journey, an intimate and personal wandering through the depths of one's soul on some ultimate quest for Truth.... whatever that may be. • It can be especially challenging for those who grew up under a strict code of spiritual and moral indoctrination, only to grow up feeling the need to hide your True Self, because who you REALLY are isn't that "great” because you somehow fell short of some expectation simply by being born into a depraved world. • You grow up singing songs and memorizing stories that now, as an adult, just don't hold the same weight they used to. You were taught that if you just believed the "right" things and prayed the "right" prayers that you would somehow be protected from real life, only to find yourself on the backside of tragedy after tragedy, hurdle after hurdle, and consistent pain. • So you come to this place where you don't know what you believe, but you're desperate to believe in something…… • "Ok, so what about not being a Christian??" • Here's the deal, and maybe you need to hear this and give yourself permission as well.... • I gave myself permission to remove labels and titles. After studying theology and comparative religion for 12 years, I resolved that I have no desire to be "right." • I don't believe that there is a "right" when it comes to spiritual evolution. No “one way.” • I believe that we all have a belief system that serves us, and serves specific seasons... • For some, we hang onto the spiritual upbringing of our childhood... healthy for some, unhealthy for others. Useful for some, not useful for others. • I've learned that it's in giving up the fight to be right that we are able to love openly without judgment. • When you hold your beliefs with a tightly closed fist, any opposition to that belief turns that fist into a weapon of defense and protection and proving. • It's the realization that there is nothing to prove or hide or protect that gives the freedom you've been trying to find. • Cheers to your journey.