1 year and 10 months w/my baby🌹

💕A best relationship is that in which you are not only there for someone in the hardest time it means you're there for someone each & every time.Relationship doesn't mean just only passing time with asking "had lunch" "had dinner" or asking every hour "what are you doing".A best relationship is that in which you'll enjoy each & every second of your life with each other without any pressure of commitment.Don't ever destroy your relationship with the burden of commitment but yes it doesn't mean you get licence to cheat another person.Learn to respect each other then only you'll what the love is.Don't ever cover the mistake of each just because you're in love maybe its better for present but it didn't gives any benefit future always try to give right direction to your partner or always talk about those problems which you don't like about them & never be a part of their mistake.💕 . Share ur thoughts in comment section👇 . Follow @shadowoflove___ . & be a part of my family. Tag someone❤️ . . ACHA LAGE TOH FOLLOW B KR DENA YAAR . #lovegoals #lovefeelings #lovebites #couplegoals #coupleposes #couplevideos #couplevideo #kisses #hug #loyal #trust #futuregoals #lovesayings #lovequotes #loveletter #longdistancerelationship #realtionshipgoals #em16 #youandme #crush #writer

Вы у меня спрашиваете « разрешает ли мама то, то , то?» Да, мы с мамой в доверительных отношениях. Если я пойду с ночёвкой к Диме , я так ей и скажу и не буду врать, что иду к подруге. Потому что, не дай Бог что случись, и как тебя будут искать твои родители? Я всегда говорила маме куда я иду и до скольки. Потому что никто тебе не поможет так, как твои родители. Да и вообще, мама - мой друг, с которым я могу делиться всем. И хорошо, что я это осознала ещё лет в 13. Как ваши родители относятся к ночевкам и тп? У вас доверительные отношения с родителями? ☺️💕 Лайк+сохранение+15комментариев = рекомендация в стори на 16 ч ! 🤪

fadewme“ I don’t know, sometimes it just crosses my mind how lucky I am. You’re the best person in my life. Nobody makes me laugh like you do. Remember that time we made love that summer morning in our tent? We zipped open a window to watch the stream flow beside the dewy grass and you kissed me head to toe. I was blushing so hard, I was sure someone would walk by, or hear us, and thinking about it now, I wish I wasn’t so afraid to live in that moment. Remember when the weatherman warned us those thunderstorms could turn into tornadoes in front of our very eyes? We lit candles and opened the windows and storm-watching the purple, dark sky. Our eyes lit up with every flicker of lightning. I spend all my daylight dreaming of what’s next for us; whether we spend the entire night chatting at a Crackle Barrel in Arizona or roadtrip to Canada to see how thick the forest can really get. It’s cheesy as hell, and I apologize ahead of time, but thank you for loving me🌹💕

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