Don't miss the film showings by YoFi at the 1st Annual Yonkers Pride on June 9th! All films will be focused on lgbtq rights and marriage equality. Starting at 3PM at Theatre 9, Ninth Floor of 66 Main Street. Schedule: 3PM- Two Short Films by local filmmakers (1 Hour) 5PM- Feature Documentary about marriage equality (93 Mins) -Michael Sabatino and Robert Voorheis for Q&A Thank you to our wonderful sponsors! @manhattanbeer @66main @cityofyonkers @yonkersdowntown @etainllc 6PM- Two beautiful narrative short films (1 Hour) 20 minutes each by Canadian filmmakers @yonkerspride @yofifest @cityofyonkers #yonkers #yonkerspride #pride #westchester #yonkersny #lgbtq #marriageequality #nycpride #nypride #gaypride #lgbtpride #inclusion #equality #equalrights #film

Home Depot is my new favorite store! They put them in their place! #equality #blackpower #homedepot

You can be Pro-Life AND Pro-Choice ❤️❤️ But we can never fully “embody” our full human rights if we do not have bodily autonomy. Human rights cannot be conditional. I am a woman not a vessel. My worth as a woman should not be dictated by my ability or choice to procreate or not procreate. Tomorrow I will stand on the shoulders of all the women throughout Irish history/her-story who have fought for equality & liberty. I will be making my voice heard for all the women across Irish history who were never listened to. I will be joining with my sisters and brothers who have campaigned long & hard to bring the facts to the Irish people in the most creative, respectful, sensitive, factually correct and inspiring campaign. First & foremost this is a vote for equal rights & autonomy. Equality can only be achieved when women have full power over their bodies. Tomorrow I am proud to Vote YES for me, for you, for our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, our wives, our friends, our neighbours & the strangers in the street who I understand have a right to full healthcare, compassion & dignity regardless of their lifestyle or personal circumstances. I don’t need to know their life story to know they are worthy. They, WE, are already worthy. Repeal the 8th. Vote YES 💪❤️👵🏼👩🏼👧🏽🧕🏽👱🏼‍♀️👵🏽💪❤️ #repeal #repealthe8th #voteyes #yes #friday #may25th #equality #liberty #female #woman #women #feminism #bodilyautonomy #referendum #health #mentalhealth #healthcare #history #wellness #wellbeing #change #justice #socialjustice #sister #prochoice #dublin #ireland #freedom #power #love

Wenn aus einem Händedruck eine Umarmung, aus einem Lächeln ein Kuss und aus einem Blick ein ganzes Leben wird - dann ist das L I E B E! 💕 -🦁-

1. Your appetite does not need to be suppressed. 2. Hunger is not something to be ashamed of. 3. You MUST eat. 4. Food and guilt do NOT belong together. 💋Love Lani xxx

Coach Kerr gets it! The NBA gets it! The good old boys club NFL owners with the exception of one or two have only made things worse. Men & women have sacrificed all for our freedom. With Memorial Day coming up we need to remember that they fought for all of us. #equality #WeAllBleedRed #endracism

Good morning Galway. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for thee. Let the sun rise today on women’s rights and sovereignty over her own body. The dark days are over - it’s time to give the power back to women to govern their fertility worldwide. Reproduction is an intimate personal issue NOT a government or religious mandate. May Ireland join the rest of Europe and 60 other countries giving women liberty and empowerment. Anything else is oppression at its worst. The women of Ireland deserve much more. I stand with my Irish sisters to REPEAL the 8th. Vote YES for women. 🙌🏼🌸🇮🇪 #repealthe8th #womensrights #humanitarian #womensempowerment #metoo #standupforwomen #fertilityrights #equality #divinefemininerising

Can we just talk about this for a second??? #yannyorlaure #gaza #equality

#ireland #mybodymychoice #equality #prochoice #changeabortionlaws #everychildshouldbewanted Today in my work WhatsApp group i recieved a message from an irish collegue at work asking me to sign a petition against abortion in Ireland. I found this offensive. As a woman we have the incredible gift of being able to make a Child.... However It is our body and our choice and everyone should be able to choose to have an abortion without suffering abuse or discrimination. Ilegal abortions kill thousands of woman every year, if abortions were legal this number would be dwarfed. I stand in solidarity with the women of ireland... your body,your decision.