I am not in the business of teaching grown people how to love me or how to be a friend. I am in the business of loving myself so deeply and boldly my entire etheric field incited the essence of those equally calibrated - @starsmoonandsun Let’s ditch city life and go to my happy place ✨✨✨ happy Friday luvs. I hope you get to do something really nice for yourselves this weekend 💋 #fbf #joshuatree #noahpurifoy

I don't know what I am but I like it 🤷 #fatvanity #sickfemmeglam #confidentfatfemme #queerbabe

In case you're ever confused about the existence of fat phobia, let me tell you a story from yesterday - One of my hobbies is finding child molesters on Facebook and getting their profiles removed. All you need is a link to their profile and a link to their national registry. If you hurt kids, you aren't allowed on Facebook. And if you hurt kids, I've got a personal vendetta against you. I was talking about one in particular who is on his 5th account because of me. When he was 24 he had sex with a 14 year old child, while his 22 year old cousin fucked a 12 year old. These are men I went to school with. Men who are around my age. Men who fucked kids. Someone called me a "fat nasty cunt" and said I was a "small minded person in a big ol body" over it. It wasn't even one of the pedophiles or their family saying it. Because apparently, being fat is worse than being a pedophile. You can see where apparently I also think I know everything - but that's not true. I just know fucking children is wrong. We live in a world where to some people, fat is literally the worst thing you can be. What a fucking world.

Det är fredag igen. Idag väntar lång arbetsdag och sedan BAR DECO med mina systrar. Att sätta en bar inne i salongen är genialiskt, men än mer genialiskt är att ha breda, sköna fåtöljer och benutrymme. Så gött. #nofilter #fatvanity #fatspo #whatfatgirlsactuallywear

Long time no #selfie... So here ya go 😉 I'm uninstalling this hair tomorrow so... That's that I suppose 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm thinking about cutting it all off again... I just can't be bothered with my hair and going through the gigs with it every week 🙄 #fatvanity #fatbabe

The magical time before my balcony was taken over by wasps. #plussizeblogger #bopo #bodypositive #fatvanity #vbo #thickashell

This hair color is called "Wild Flamingo" and if we are being 100% honest here- that was my main reason for purchasing it. No ragretz.

goddess energy: •she waters herself daily. •she knows her worth. •doesn’t entertain fckboy energy. •takes herself out on dates. •doesn’t need anyone to fill a void. •she embodies love and shows it to other goddesses freely. - @omfgwavy Sirena Diosa Energy 📸: @omgirlalli #tbt #fatkini #beachvibes🌊

T'challa is what the shelter called a stealth tabby. He is black. But he also has hidden tabby stripes that you can see in certain light. The bigger he gets the more they come out. He's so handsome. 😭

I wish I had a spinny chair and more enemies that'd come in "secretly" to my lair (ahem, living room) so I could spin around and make the perfect evil villain quip about how I've been expecting them as T'Challa purrs in my arms. Muhahahahha.