Larry Marrianian and Reed Phippen ca 1962, Los Angeles, by Bob Mizer

I got told recently that I should remove my lingerie photos from social media and cover my tattoos as I am competing in Miss World and should be “more of a role model”... pfft... Well, you can imagine how that was received by me. Role model? Yeah - I’m a role model for women doing whatever the hell they want! I’m a role model for young girls to speak out, tell that boy he can’t hit you. Don’t let the teacher tell you it was “just because he liked you”. BE LOUD, don’t diminish yourself just to make reality more comfortable for the ignorant masses. Get that tattoo. Why not? It’s YOUR body, who gives a damn if you regret it. There’s not much we can’t fix if we all just be authentic , honest and work together! Live for today! You seriously never know what is going to happen - you could be gone tomorrow! The fragility of this life we have in this flesh coated skeleton is fleeting, we are so much more than our exterior. Don’t ever be afraid to let your soul shine through. Sexuality is not something to ever be ashamed of. Pleasure and enjoyment are not forbidden for women - it’s not the 18th century! Self expression is not something to ever be ashamed of. Why should we all look the same, act the same, be the same? Screw that cookie cutter shit. Push boundaries. Demand change, or you won’t get it. I want to make a DIFFERENCE in the world. As long as what you’re doing isn’t causing harm to others how can it possibly be “wrong”? And who’s the one that’s defining this “right” and “wrong” garbage anyway? Open your minds! Question EVERYTHING. I think if more people used their existence to question things the world would have evolved more significantly by now. This generation NEED to be the change - or we’re not even going to have a future. And if those values aren’t things you’d want your daughter to aspire to - then maybe you you need rethink a few things 🤔 being quiet and conservative doesn’t make you a lady, hell, your biological parts don’t even make you a “lady”! We are ALL human - it’s time for a consciousness shift, and I’m determined to bring something fresh to the table, something REAL. And if you don’t like that - ask yourself, what is this triggering within you?

So excited I get to work with my fave @treatherwell again this weekend!! Stay tuned for some Instagram live, and you can catch Brandi again tomorrow with 4 other redheads, snakes, Harley’s, a corvette, and a cage!More to come on Patreon! #sigmaartlens #fineart #tattoos #homesteadbeauties2018 #portraitphotography #portrait_shots #portrait_perfection #nycmodel #lamodels #boudior #redhead #bostonboudior #muse #miamimodel #bostonphotographer #bostonmodel #lamodel #laphotographer #miamimodel #fineartphotography #bare #torontomodel #vegasmodel #vogueitalia #photographer #fashion #fineartnude @fusemagazineonline @arsenicmagazine @skynmagazine @yumemag @sensual_ladies #portraitoftheday #portraitpage @vologlam #scxnsor @cratemagazine @darkbeautymag

The Girl with the Crying Eyes (2015)