....aaaaaaand it’s gone.

Peacock bass temensis Size 10 - 14 cm #ikanpredator #fishkeepers #peacockbass #temensis

Peacocok bass intermedia Size 7cm 13-14 cm 20-28 cm #peacockbass #predatorfish #fishkeepers

Peacock bass temensis Size 10-14 cm #ikanpredator #peacockbass #temensis #fishkeepers

Arapaima gigas Size 18-20 cm #arapaimagigas #fishkeepers #ikanpredator

Pygmy Seahorse coaster and keyring / keychain. I love these seahorses, I think they look like they are blowing kisses.

🐠Fun Fish Fact Fridays!🐠 . I would like to start off this series with one of my favorite tropical fish of all time, the Black Ghost Knife Fish! How did this species receive it’s unusual name? There is a rumor that some tribes in the Amazon jungle believed that the souls of the dead inhabit these fish 👻. Although there is no substantial evidence that this is true, it’s still a fun fact to why the fish got its name! I love this oddball fish because of how smart they are. This intelligent species can be trained to feed off of your hand and be hand-held. The fish requires a larger tank because it can grow up to 1’ 6”. The BGK is timid and prefer to live in a tank with plenty of roots, rocks and hiding places. The usual tank mates to this fish are large peaceful fish. Although the fish is known to eat smaller species, many hobbyists have been able to raise their BGK with tetras. It is definitely a fish to keep for all aquarium hobbyists. Luckily at our store, we are always stocked with this super cool fish. Comment below what your favorite fish is! ❤

The countdown is almost up for this aquascape 👀 How do you think my Betta will feel about the change? My guess is that he has mixed emotions right about now.

Dorito molted again. I bet he feels a like a "new man", now that he's free of his "girdle". His claws are HUGE now. #fishnerds #tangerinelobster #freshwaterfishlover #fishkeepers