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Shown: a photo three days after purchase vs. a video three weeks later The Owner’s Story: Since starting college, my anxiety was getting worse. From exams to having OCD, I was not as mentally stable as I used to be. I used to be able to control it, but as I enroll in tougher classes and worry more about my career over the last three years, that feeling of uneasiness became unbearable. My unusual habits were intensifying and I was feeling mentally drained. I tried many alternatives to make the situation better, but I always felt like there was no hope. I picked up this hobby from my brother. It is a calm hobby that required a routine. With OCD, I needed something that would keep my mind out of negativity and avoid those bad habits. After saving up enough money, it was time to look for a new friend. Over a month ago, my boyfriend and I decided to stop by his hometown and go to a pet store. There was not much of a selection at the store, but the bettas all looked happier and healthier than the ones in other places we visited. While making our decision on whether to get one there or go elsewhere, my boyfriend noticed a betta hiding behind a hanging price tag, Richie. The moment I saw him I knew he was the one I have been looking for - He was covered in cool colors with a hint of fiery red. Although he was in ok condition, he was friendly and energetic. He was perfect for me. I learned it was harder to take care of a fish than I expected. I was feeling nothing but anxiety the first couple weeks. Richie was dealing with fin rot as well as a strong filter that made his fins look even worse. He has a minor scratch on his head that I initially thought was a disease. It was not the best time, as I was working full-time and taking a class too. However, his results were worthwhile. Today, Richie loves greeting me in his log. He has eased my mind as much as he can with the way he comes up to me and swims around ever so calmly. Thus, it was time to showcase his improvement and my growth as an amateur fish owner.

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