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Summer nails :) #freehandnailart

Love this tropical mani created by @mypassion202 💙 #freehandnailart #fhnailart #freehandnailartist #nailcanvas #nailartaddict

If you saw my bookstagram for VICIOUS, earlier in the week, you’re already aware that I’m presently suffering from major reading regrets. Mostly because I loved Eli and Victor’s revenge-fest...and the sequel doesn’t come out for 77 days. OH THE AGONY. 😩 • • My black heart gobbled up this villain centric storyline, delivered in several POVs and two timelines, ten years apart. At different moments, the two students-turned-ExtraOrdinaries (meaning each had a superpower), both considered themselves as villains, but then one seriously went off the rails while referring to himself as a hero which was...not entirely accurate. 😳 Victor wound up serving major prison time, thanks to Eli, so for the most part, I sided with him. You know, because I’m pro-vengeance with specific reasoning that would also make me seek vengeance. 😈 • • Sweet world building, science experiments that produced superpowers (which felt plausible tbh), two men hell bent on destroying each other by any means necessary, and supporting characters who checked the protagonists when required, fused together for a super fun reading experience. Only 76 more sleeps till VENGEFUL! • • Full review is up on the blog! #jenniesnailsandtales 💅🏼📚 • • Design by Julia Lloyd. • • Some thoughts about this mani: Why do I have such problems painting the letter “c”? Like, it thwarts me every time. How can I do a decent “o” but not a “c”??? A “c” is basically 3/4 of an “o” so from a science standpoint, I’m stumped. Also, I feel the gentlemanly silhouette here looks more like Gaston than Eli or Victor (is it the shoulders?). To the point that while putting this post together, I’ve been singing “When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs...” 😂 • • @fingerpaintsfun Black Expressionism and Paper Mâché, @chinaglazeofficial Street Style Princess, @opi Red My Fortune Cookie and matte topcoat, @sonailicious_boutique needle brush. • • #vicious #victoriaschwab #indigofaves #freehandnailart #sonailiciousbrush #chinaglaze #bookreviews #opipolish

Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa Nails! 💛🧡💙🖤 +++ Hanauma Bay is one of my favorite places in the world!! It's also a wonderful place to see an abundance of Hawaii's state fish, Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa. You can snorkel with enormous schools of fish, see eels and octopus, and there's almost always a monk seal (an endangered species!) napping on the sand. I am grateful that I've had the opportunity to visit so many times. It wouldn't be a trip to Hawaii without it! 💙🐙🐠🐟 +++ #nailart #handpaintednailart #nailsofig #lethawaiihappen #nailitdaily #nailswag #instanails #notd #naildesign #freehandnailart #nails2inspire #psforall #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #nailartwow #nailstyle #nailfeature #nailsmagazine #licensedtocreate #hanaumabay #hawaiinails #humuhumunukunukuapuaa #fishnails #beachnails

Found in the #flowernails playlist linked in my bio and in dedication in Legacy to @taliajoy18, here is a mint mani for July that is timeless. Search Robin Moses #mintMani on YouTube or find everything you need in my bio! Have fun, share, spread the word and hashtag me when you try them at #inspiredbyrobinmoses

Another idea I never get tired of painting. Search Robin Moses antique newsprint with flowers on YouTube and find all the different ways that I have filmed doing this design and all of the techniques you can do to get this look. You can use Sharpies, newsprint, paint or whatever you have after watching my videos that Sparks your imagination. Find my full playlist of flowers with over a hundred and seventy different flower ideas and brushes I created in use all linked in my bio! Please share this and # me if you try this #inspiredbyrobinmoses !!!!

One of my favorite designs for summer, neon daisies! Search Robin Moses neon daisies on YouTube or look in the daisy playlist for tons of ideas with this design! I never get tired of painting these nails. Each time I do, it comes with a different outcome and mixing and matching colors makes this design even more awesome! Try it and show Me by hashtagging me #inspiredbyrobinmoses share this post and join our group of hand painting artists worldwide! Find everything you need and brushes in my bio!

Every time I paint a rainbow rose or do something that makes me feel like I learned something new in nail art, I get this rush of excitement. I want to say that this is my first garden and here are the first zucchinis out of it! The same rush came over me as I collected them and I found The Secret of what nail art and gardening has in common LOL!!! ! I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend and know you are loved.

Loving these nude shades with a rose gold cuff 💅🏻