What an awesome day in Manhatten. Sadly my vacation is almost over 😕BUT the good thing about it: I will start my workout again back in Germany. I am very relaxed and enjoyed my trip in the States very much so far. #manhatten #centralpark #goodweather #relaxing #vacation

Breaking the bank😁 #DODGERS done did it AGAIN🤗26YR OLD BEAST #ShortStop/3rdBase @dodgers 💪&def @magicjohnson move #Buisness #GoodWeather U see the numbers🥁🔊anybody heard from the #SanFransiscoGiants👌😅🤣😂🤭justHOEcheckin🤣 #QuiteOnTheSet👌✊🤣😉🗣L.A.EVERYTHiNG-2018-&MovinForward👌✊🤣😂✌CONGRATS YOUNG MAN💪Get yo real estate ON😁😉 #Repost @machados13 (@get_repost) ・・・ Since we’re halfway to Christmas I think it sounds like the perfect time to give a gift to one of you!!! How does my signed game used jersey from tonights game sound??? It’s simple: show up to TOMORROW nights game (6/26) at Camden Yards dressed in your most spirited Manny Machado & O’s gear for an opportunity to win. Paint your face, be loud, make creative signs and we’ll randomly select someone during the 7th inning stretch to take home my jersey!! PS-I’ve heard showing us you’re my biggest fan might get you a few bonus points... 😄 📸: @ptisfly ————————————————— #MannyClaus #JerseyGiveaway #FanAppreciation #MannyMachado #ChristmasInJune