I will never be over the way he says "baby" goodbye . Credit to @ohitsthatjen

everyone else but YOooUuUu

crying... in a cool way @harrystyles

Okay bye

my boy looked so good yesterday and I can’t believe that tonight harry is going to be performing at MSG.that is so freaking amazing, not only because it’s MSG but because ITS SOLD OUT.HARRY SOLD OUT MSG AS A FREAKING SOLO ARTIST HE IS SUCH AN ICON LIKE WTF @harrystyles

Harry’s belly is the most adorable thing of the world. Credits: @harrypinkk

this always melts my heart!i Baby harryyyy WHY SO CUTEEEEE 🙈😍@harrystyles @annetwist @gemmastyles

if harry was a doctor i’d be asking for shots of penisillin everyday.

#ohnoniall 😂😂

this show was incredible! thank you so much harry and to everyone who made this possible for me I love you with all my heart

Dad ily, release still the one please thanx Bb