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Infinity Days of Summer // Part 24 Harry walks down the stairs with a duffle-bag filled with beach items. He's prepared to find a private beach to get away from humanity for the day. He had taken painkillers for his hangover, and has already chugged two glasses of water. "Harry." His Aunt Carol calls for him. He sighs and drops his bag at the door before walking to her in the kitchen. "If you're going to sneak out, then at least come back in more discretely next time." She lightly chuckles, shaking her head fondly at him. "Your mother warned me you would be doing this." Harry raises a brow. "Oh?" He responds, not sure where she's going with this. "Listen, I'll let you go off and do what you want. You're grown, young man, and I believe you can take care of yourself. But if one day I receive a call from you in jail, then we're going to have an issue. Am I clear?" Harry lets out a sigh of relief at her words. He's so used to being yelled at by his mother that he was expecting the worst from his aunt. He smiles small with a nod of his head. "Of course, Aunt Carol. Thank you for understanding." He pulls her in for a small hug and kisses her cheek to show his appreciation. "I know Anne can be a bit protective of you but you're a teenager, you need to go have fun." She winks and pats his shoulder. "Go our and enjoy the sun, boy." She kisses his cheek and gently pushes him off. — #textingharry #textingharrystyles #harrystylesimagines #onedirectionimagines #ehesinfinity

Pt. 210 “Well that backfired.” I only scrolled through maybe a handful of replies on my tweet before I closed the app, not wanting to stay in the negativity too long. My intentions were pure and only to remind everyone that Harry was deserving of respect too, but I momentarily forgot the whole world thought I was a cheater, and I wound up just coming across as a hypocrite. “Just give them some time to cool off.” Chad advised me as we sat together backstage before the show. “In the meantime, I’m assuming you’re not going to take my advice and stay backstage for the show, are you?” “No I’m not sitting this one out, nor should I have to.” I snapped, tossing my phone onto the coffee table. “I’m not happy about it, but I’m not surprised by it either.” Chad replied, exasperated with me already. “I’ll sit side-stage tonight if that makes you feel better.” “I’d feel better if you’d stop trying to play nice with people who aren’t interested in ever being nice in return.” He retorted with a heavy eye roll just as Harry came back into the room fully dressed. “How do I look?” He asked, fixing the lapels of his suit jacket and doing a little twirl. “Like a rockstar.” I smiled as I got up to fix his collar, running my hands down his back as I kissed his cheek, loving how proudly he looked at us in the mirror. “Did I hear you’re sitting side stage tonight?” He asked as Chad and I followed him down the hall towards the stage. “Probably for the next few shows until Penny’s lies die down a little.” “At least you’ll have a nice view of my ass.” He teased with a wink as he put his in-ears in then stopped for his good luck kiss. I smiled as I obliged then slapped his butt when he was heading on to stage making him giggle and jump. But before the music could drown me out, I peeked around the curtain at the fans filling up the theater and told Chad, “Not all the fans are bad. And no matter what someone else does or says, that will not change who I am. You’re not supposed to be nice only when it’s easy...treat people with kindness, even when they don’t totally deserve it.”

Pt. 206 Harry’s POV The first time I got mobbed by fans was one of the most surreal moments of my life and I’d never forget how exhilarating yet terrifying it was. It never lasted long, a blink of an eye really, but long enough to lose a shoe. And every time it’s happened since, I just try to remain calm. Security knew what they were doing, they’d get me through unharmed, but it was a lot to take in. The screaming was deafening along with everyone shouting my name, and everyone would push and shove, try to grab my arm or anything really; security would usually push me along as well, manhandling me almost worse than the fans. But I would much rather experience it myself then make y/n go through it; so even though I’d prefer not to, I went through the front at the same time y/n went around back so no one would follow her. Everyone was too distracted trying to grab me that she was able to slip inside completely undetected so it was worth it. “Well that was fun.” I said sarcastically but with a chuckle as we made it into the hotel lobby where a couple hotel workers immediately came to assist us. The fans were still outside screaming but my focus was on getting upstairs to my room knowing y/n would already be up there. In an ideal world we could’ve met at the airport or even down in the lobby, but we didn’t need cameras capturing it so we needed to wait just a little while longer to be together and Jesus did the elevator ride feel like forever. “You can leave it here, thank you very much.” I told the bellhop when we got close to my door. I tipped him and he ran off, security melting away as well so when I used the keycard to open the door I was alone. Except for her. “There’s my girl.” I smiled from ear to ear as I stepped into the room and saw y/n practically bouncing with excitement. The door wasn’t even fully closed behind me before she threw herself into my arms, giggling as she hugged me impossibly tight. “Oh you’re finally here!” She let out such a sigh of relief as she dangled from my arms, her face buried in my neck as I swayed us back and forth a little before putting her down again. (Continued)

Pt. 205 I was at the airport in Paris when I saw the newest headlines and I rolled my eyes at them as I passed by the new stands. Not only was the “bikini clad babe” Jeffery’s wife Glenne, but the tabloids put most of the blame on my shoulders for the lies Penny had spread. They made it out to be entirely my fault which didn’t surprise me at all but it did remind me that I was on thin ice with Harry’s fans. If they thought I was mistreating him they’d go into attack mode faster than I could defend myself; and most of them already seemed to have been ready months ago. But I just kept my head held high as I went to grab my luggage, jumping when someone else grabbed it for me. “Oh no that’s my-“ I stopped when I looked up and saw a smiling familiar face. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it, miss petal.” Chad smiled brightly at me as he took my suitcase off the turnstile and started to wheel it away. “I thought we were all meeting at the hotel?” I asked as I walked beside him towards the exits. “Change of plans, there’s a bit of a holdup at the hotel. Seems some fans have already figured out where you guys are staying and they’ve swarmed the place.” He explained as he guided me through the airport; but as we got nearer the exits I noticed a group of girls nearby watching like hawks and trying to take pictures. They were no doubt waiting at the airport to try and catch a glimpse of Harry arriving, but a tweet about my arrival would get attention too, so Chad immediately stood between me and them to block their view. “What about Harry? How’s he gonna get through?” I asked as Chad held open the car door for me after having put my bags in the trunk of the black SUV. “He’s gonna go through the front so you can slip through the back.” “What? No! They’ll mob him if he tries to go in the front.” “We’d all rather it be him than you. We have plenty of security with him, don’t worry he’ll be fine.” Chad reassured me but even so I worried not just for Harry’s safety but I also hated he had to sacrifice for me. I didn’t like him getting mobbed so I wouldn’t, especially as we neared the hotel and I saw the mass of people outside waiting for him. “Back at it.” (Continued)

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