first time i was dressed like other girlz but wait- LOOK AT MY ASS

vote for a tbh #sadrp

happy anniversary, my gorgeous wife. it’s been three years! can you believe that? i’m so excited for the arrival of penny layne. you’ve been an absolute doll, and you put up with my arsehole friends! but on a serious note, i’m beyond happy that i married you. you’re a dream come true.

I fell in love and then I lost you. It hurts so much. But it's alright. You don't even know who you are 😞

yes i know this has my ooc watermark leave me alone ,,, anyways. im really hurt. im hurt from the events that took place yesterday. from x to wopo, im heartbroken. here’s my tribute to the legend that is jahseh onfroy. forever in my heart. 💔

i still see your shadows in my room

comment movie suggestions please and thanks! #openrp #singlerp

but if you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best 🙃

i lOvE the way you lie

Idc if nobody's gonna do this but my mood is so low, I please you to comment for a nice tbh 😊😔