everyone else but YOooUuUu

my boy looked so good yesterday and I can’t believe that tonight harry is going to be performing at MSG.that is so freaking amazing, not only because it’s MSG but because ITS SOLD OUT.HARRY SOLD OUT MSG AS A FREAKING SOLO ARTIST HE IS SUCH AN ICON LIKE WTF @harrystyles

You haven’t lived if you have never made harry/1D on sims

this show was incredible! thank you so much harry and to everyone who made this possible for me I love you with all my heart

Boston, Massachusetts || 18.06.18📸

Harry Styles gave another stellar performance last night.👌🏻 #harrystylestour


boston, live on tour

I SEE HARRY IN 24 AND IM NOT READY IM NOT OKAY😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Comment if you’re going to harrys show in Los Angeles on july 13)💗 #harrystyleslosangeles #harrystylesla #harrystylesalbum #harrystylesshow #harrystylestour2018 #harrystylestour #loveislove🌈

Your second most recent emoji is your reaction if you met harry - @cringeharry .. Mine: 💞