I am just so lucky. 💎 #howdidigetsolucky

One of the main reasons I have come back to Bali is this woman right here @hellotinamay She is one of the most intelligent, generous, open-minded and loving people I have ever met. She is the cofounder of @instituteofcode where I have spent majority of my time in Bali first as a student and now as Retreat Manager. She makes me believe that anything is possible, she pushes me to take chances and value my worth, she listens when I’m sad and she laughs at my lack of ability to detect sarcasm. Without her (and @eyesofanomad ) I would not be here and I would not be becoming the person I am. So much love for you both xoxox Seriously it is so important to surround yourself with the right people, who see your potential when you can’t and believe in you unconditionally. Can’t wait for the coming months of adventures and goal kicking with my Bali crew!

Spending my day off with bae is truly the best. He just makes me so happy! • • • • • #bae #lovehim #bff #soulmates #bestlifeever #ilovemylife #howdidigetsolucky #summerlife #instacouples #wecute #toomanyhashtags

I just want to take a minute and wish this woman right here, my best friend, my whole world, my biggest blessing, my everything, my wife! The most wonderful of birthdays! She is truly a one of a kind woman and someone I couldn’t imagine living life without! I love you baby! Happy 24th Birthday!😊 #birthdaygirl #mywifeishot #howdidigetsolucky #theanswertomyprayers #isntshelovely

After a long, eventful day, love getting to come home to love on this little beauty ❤️❤️ Talk about blessed!! #meandmymini #howdidigetsolucky #prettysmile

Look who joined me for my morning meditation 💚 He legit brightens my day ☀️ love that he's down to explore the things I'm into 😍 #howdidigetsolucky #shesolucky #relationshipgoals❤️ #lovehimforlife

Happy 24th birthday to the most beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! These past 13 months have easily been the best months of my life and I’m so excited for all the adventures to come. Thank you for being my partner in crime and my best friend. Words will never be able to express how much you mean to me. I love you and hope to make you as happy today as you make me every day. #HowDidIGetSoLucky #HappyBirthday #PeepThatLastPictureThough

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful, Handsome & Loving Son!!! #howdidigetsolucky #happybirthday #proudmom

Do you usually choose the hotel based on the price? ❓❓❓What would change in your life if you perceived the contribution the spaces are willing to be to you? What if you could start asking “would staying here create or decay my life?” And follow the lightness of awareness? 🤯💯🗝 The lighter your choices are the more fun and prosperous your life begins to be. Would you be willing to be more adventurous? 🥂This is the breakfast space that contributes to my peace and my world today. No one here yet. Too early! I get to have this space all to myself! #howdidigetsolucky

Just an #appreciationpost with an #oldpic: Thank you for taking care of me when I am sick... Thank you for getting me a towel to wipe my mouth without me even having to ask. Thank you for letting me curl up in your lap between bouts of vomiting for 4 hours. Thank you for laying a hand on my back and shoulder for comfort. Thank you for bringing me random items that I needed. Thank you for cleaning up behind me. Thank you for driving me to the ER. Thank you for taking charge and getting me checked in while I was stuck in the bathroom. Thank you for staying up with me, and trying to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you for trying antinausea accupressure. Thank you for holding my hand. Thank you for showing me memes and trying to stay light hearted. Thank you for rubbing my arms to help keep me warm. Thank you for emailing my professors and texting my boss for a heads up. Thank you for holding me tight. Thank you for never-ending forehead kisses. Thank you for making sure I got all the medication I needed. Thank you for making me soup. Thank you for staying by my side. Thank you for every tiny little thing you do. You have no idea how much I appreciate you, and my words can't possibly come close. You're the best there is 💙 I love you so much Jeremy 🖤 @skyfishzeta • { #Love #Iloveyou #thankyou #thebestever #loveyou5ever #howdidIgetsolucky #sick}

This guy has been melting my heart for the past 13 years. Everyday I fall in love all over again. Our kids are so lucky #happybelatedfathersday ❤️❤️ #truelove #loveatfirstsight #laconia #bikerweek #weirsbeach #husbandandwife #howdidigetsolucky #nofilterneeded