Сейчас, что- то важное творится! Узелки уходят, наполняя жизнь непредсказуемыми поворотами. Мудрости бы мне. Вторая сторона: оценка, взгляд снаружи на себя. Я говорю: как же я активен. А подразумеваю относительность, привязываясь к тому, что обременяет - статика, точка сравнения. Как пес на цепи, сколько угодно длинной, но ограниченой... не свободный. Как? Не знаю. Но не лежу на обочине, ошибаюсь - значит живу. Будте счастливы!

“Take ten minutes for yourself each day. If you can’t take ten, take thirty.” 🌳 . How do you take care of your mental health and nourish your creativity? 💡 . When life is so busy and full, it can be hard work to find time both for ourselves and for each other, to find inspiration and turn it into creative content. The hours in a day are finite, but there is always time for the things you value most. It is a question of learning to prioritize mindfully. . A teacher once told me, “When quantity time doesn’t exist, make sure you are creating quality time.” It is so important to appreciate and be present in the moments you spend alone, in communion with yourself, and those you spend with people you love. 💝 . . . . . . . #acroyoga #followyourbliss #createeveryday #grounded #happinessis #hollywoodhills #instagallery #mcm #mentalhealth #meditation #mindfulliving #mindfulmonday #naturephotography #photographyart #selfcare #tryacroyoga #yogaart #yogablog #yogateacher #yogatherapy

Sorry, i can't hear you over the volume of my hair.💃

Whats on your mind right now ? Mine is cupcakes, cupcakes are always the answer 😢