When you really want bacon and eggs but you remember all the sausage gravy & biscuits from just yesterday😬😳 • At least if I must eat healthy and make wise choices - I will do it using vintage English ironstone and photograph it’s loveliness🤣🍓 #breakfastofchampions #fruitnotcookies #englishironstone #ironstonewednesdays #breezymorning #backporch #amyshouse #inthepines #carbsoverload #simplyfarmhousetransferware #strawberries #blueandwhite

in the p i n e s #leadbelly #kurtcobain 📹 @cheekymaliki

Sunday morning serenades from the treetops. I love this light. And the fact that my guitar pick matches the decor. * When we were children, my brother and I, convinced we were meant to live our lives in the tree line, built a rickety old treehouse from pieces of dried out clapboard we found wasting away inside a neighbor’s barn. Our mother, upon seeing our architectural aspirations, banned us from the shelter and the stairwell we had so lovingly designed on grounds that there were plenty of accidental ways for us to break a limb - our own, not a tree’s - without climbing into a sure thing each morning. We obeyed, and my brother waited until he was twenty to fall out of one and break a hip. * But he’s a tenacious sort, and still spends most of his spare time sitting in a tree. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were up in one now. Just like me. In the pines, in the pines...🎼🎸

Cute little stairway 😌🌲🛤

Band night out on the town! In Newport to see @freakmythology @jesslambband @inthepinesmusic @annamarieapplegate Love nights like these!! * * * #Newport #TLTband #Thelasttroubadour #Freakmythology #jesslambandthefactory #jesslamb #annaapplegate #inthepines #supportlocalmusic #cincinnati #cincimusic

#InThePines @fantasticnegrito doin the damn thang.