#Repost @usgs This footage is from a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) hovering near Fissure 22. The footage looks down on the fountaining fissure complex. The view rotates to track channelized lava as it flows toward the Pacific Ocean, about 3 mi (5 km) away. The ocean entry is in the distance recognizable by a small plume. The USGS National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Office is assisting with remote data collection and mapping of lava flows and hazards. UAS flights into these hazardous areas allow USGS scientists to safely view, document, and better understand what is happening in this rapidly changing environment and pass information to Hawaii County Civil Defense and other authorities. Video courtesy of the U.S. Department of the Interior Office of Aviation Services. #usgs #hvo #hawaiianvolcanoobservatory #kilauea #volcano #KilaueaErupts #LERZeruption #LERZ #KilaueaEruption

CRACKED EARTH: Video taken by a resident in Puna, Hawaii, shows a large crack opening across the neighborhood, threatening homes and forcing the evacuations of families as lava from the active Kilauea Volcano travel underneath the earth's surface. #crack #hawaii #abc #new #earth #kilauea #volcano #lava #magma #underground #neighborhood #home #puna #leilani #evacuation #worldnewstonight

After more than a week into the ash eruptions of Halema'uma'u Crater, we're grateful for only light layers of rock particles on the farm. So far, we have not seen the worst: According to @USGS, the last time this crater spit ash in 1924, it caused the sky to turn from day to night several times in our little town of Pahala. . Yesterday, low-lying ash clouds drifted our way and forced us to stay inside. Blue skies this morning allowed us to return to the farm. The trees seem to be holding up well -- better than us humans, actually. . From the photos, it kind of looks like the time we sprayed kaolin clay on the trees to help fight coffee berry borer. Now, we're studying whether the ash will have any effect on our coffee flowers. They look OK so far, as you can see here. Same goes for the coffee cherries. #fingerscrossed #waitandsee

On May 24, 2018 at 9:45 a.m., @usgs stated that eruption 🌋 of lava continues in the area of Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens subdivision at the Kilauea Volcano’s Lower East Rift Zone and photo 📸 provided by USGS shows the Fissure 22 fountain, which is not as high as several days ago but still producing a significant lava flow heading for the 🌊ocean. . . The middle portion of the fissure system (centered on Pohoiki Rd.) continues to produce the most robust eruptive activity in the Lower East Rift Zone. Overnight field crews observed that fissure areas 2, 7, 8 and 3, 14, 21 (between Luana and Kaupili St. in Leilani Estates) reactivated and are spattering. Intermittent signals recorded on sensors closest to the two ocean entries suggest they remain active. . . Volcanic gas emissions💨remain very high from the fissure eruptions. . . Additional ground cracking and outbreaks of lava in the area of the active fissures are possible. Hawaii Island residents 🌴downslope of the region of fissures should heed all Hawaii County Civil Defense messages and ⚠️ warnings. . . #kilaueavolcano #kilauea #lavahawaii #kilaueaeruption #lavafissure #hawaiilava #hawaiielectriclight #hawaiivolanoes #hawaiilavaflow

Blue flames are lighting up the road at the site of the Kilauea volcano. This natural phenomena is the result of burning methane.⠀ ⠀ #hawaii #kilauea #volcano #methane #volcanoeruption

I wanted to thank everyone who’s reached out to check on us over here on the Big Island with the new fissures and lava flow from Kilauea, and also to clear up some misconceptions about how it’s affecting the island. The lava has certainly been devastating to the community around Puna, and everyone there definitely needs your thoughts and assistance. But outside of this small section of the island, everything is fine. Personally, I live and work over 75 miles away from the flow, with 2 mountains between us and the lava. Businesses are open, and as it pertains to mine, the fishing is really good right now. After recently been back on the mainland and seeing the news coverage, I’m not surprised that people are changing their vacation plans away from the Big Island, as it’s being portrayed that the whole island is on fire. This is definitely not the case, and more than likely you’d never know anything out of the ordinary was going on throughout most of the island besides a little more vog. Air quality through the vast majority of the island is absolutely fine. Apologies on the long post, but there’s been a lot of canceled trips because of misinformation and it’s hurting our local economy. So take advantage of the cheap flights and come to Kona! . . . . . #lava #bigisland #hawaii #hawaiianislands #kilauea #tourism #fishing #fishkona #biggamefishing #exploreearth #instagood #hawaiifishing #lavaflow #realnews #kalapana

With all the news coverage of the Kīlauea eruption, I’ve been thinking of the Big Island a lot lately.. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Island of Hawaiʻi 3 times and each time, I’ve been in total awe of its raw and diverse beauty.. In January 2013, we got an aerial view of the crater and the spots where the lava was pouring into the ocean, and then in July 2016, we hiked the lava fields.... It’s sad to see the destruction of people’s homes and everyone who is affected.. But also so humbling (as with all natural ‘disasters’) to witness the power of Mother Nature.... The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes, and not only is the Big Island growing in size, but in 10,000-100,000 years the new island of Lōʻihi will emerge above sea level.... Tūtū Pele is mighty and she is both Destroyer and Creator!! 💁🏽‍♀️🌋🔥🌱 #tbt #kilauea #pele

Um #tbt de uma das coisas mais difíceis que fiz na vida. Depois de 22km, um total de 12hs de trilha na lama (correndo o risco de realmente afundar!), na chuva, em mata fechada... achamos lava no vulcão #kilauea! E ela estava ali ó... viva, do meu ladinho 👈🏼 e seca bem abaixo dos meus pés! Nunca imaginei que um campo de lava seria tão árido, tão inóspito e de uma certa forma perigoso. A lava depois de seca corta igual vidro! Senti medo, fome, cansaço... mas tudo isso valeu muuuuuito a pena. Da série: coisas que Deus faz e a gente só entende quando vê. Obrigada Deus!!! 🙏🏼 saudades Havaí 🌋 🌊 🌺 #ALOHA @evelynmello


About to be Puna bound to see everything and everyone first hand 🌋🙏🏽 We brought respirators and boxes of clothing for today, BUT we’re teaming up with @landmarklogistics to send out a container full of donations next week and need your kokua if can 🤙🏽 Donations will be taken Monday-Thursday with more info coming soon. • • Don’t forget to keep up with our story throughout the day! #DefendHawaii #LandmarkLogistics #kilauea #tutupele #PrayForPuna #KokuaForHawaii

#tbt to our Hawaii trip 2 years ago. Can’t believe the same beautiful Big Island is now facing so much destruction. 🌋Hope Mother Nature’s fury comes to an end soon. 🙏🏽 • #hawaii #kilauea #bigisland

#Repost @abcnews: Stunning aerial footage shows lava shooting 160 feet into the air from a fissure near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. #kilauea #volcano #lava

Esta casa en #Hawaii está cayendo en una grieta que se abrió durante las recientes erupciones volcánicas de #Kilauea 🌋. La pareja que vive en el hogar fue evacuada a principios de este mes 📸 #Volcano #MotherNature

¡Dios mío! 😱 ¿Vivirías cerca de uno de los volcanes más activos del planeta?. . . . Desde principios de mayo, el volcán #kilauea (Hawai) ha aumentado su actividad dejando a su paso heridos y destrucción. A la fecha, las erupciones siguen ocurriendo, mientras los nativos de la isla agradecen este fenomeno, pues se lo atribuyen a "Pelé", la diosa del fuego en su cultura. #ColorVisión #Volcán 🌋

Lava from #Hawaii’s #Kilauea #volcano continues to spew as more than 20 fissures have opened up from the ground. Rare blue flames caused by methane gas have been seen near the Leilani Estates, a sight that @USGS scientists called "one of the most intriguing images” from the eruption. #lava #eruption #Kilaueavolcano #abc7news

First look at Kilauea eruption on Big Island. Access is closed to volcanoes national park with no hope of reopening anytime soon, fortunately the main highway is only about a mile from the crater, so we got this amazing view yesterday on our drive to Hilo. #bigisland #hawaii #kilauea #volcano #lava #eruption