After receiving a much appreciated invite from my bro Officer @stevemilord for a tour of the @usscarlvinson for Navy Friends and Family Day and being on the ship and out to sea for combination of 12 hours, it's been a life changing experience. Getting a very, very, very small sample set of the living environment of our soldiers, I have an even more and deep appreciation of my freedoms (and personal space)! Being a home body and an extroverted introvert by nature, I will attempt to hit the beach at least once a week and enjoy nature and the open air as much as possible! #LiveLife #ShowAppreciation #StayHumble 🙏🏾

Every day counts. Time is running out, if you don't start being the person you want to e now... You will regret it for the rest of your life. #motivational #motivation #successquotes #livelife #motivation💯 #motivation💪 #motivationgym #businessmotivation #mindset #mindsetiseverything #strongmindstrongbody

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Today was Bike to Work Day so my coworker and I met up this morning and biked in together. It was actually really fun! As I mentioned in my story I hadn’t ridden a bike in YEARS, the only reason I had one is because my parents gave me a free one while they were cleaning out the shed for a garage sale 🤣 I might just have to ride it more often though! I do have to say though I’m pretty damn sure even three weeks ago I wouldn’t have rode today, I would have come up with every excuse. I’d be way too scared of whether or not I could or if people would judge or if I was too big to ride a bike or some other reason. That right there there though is why I am so appreciative for this journey and the friends I have that have supported me and encouraged me to remember my why. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it’s easy or that ever Day is sunshine but I’m done with living a life full of no’s. I want to say yes I want to feel confident enough to say yes, I don’t want to have to constantly feel uncomfortable or doubt myself. I haven’t been on this journey long but the fact that it’s already helping me live my life more is reason enough to continue and become successful. This is your midweek reminder that you CAN do this and you ARE WORTH IT! 😘 #biketowork #activecommute #dowhatscaresyou #progressnotperfection #livelife #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #healthymindhealthybody #committoyou #committohealth #beyou #behappy #behealthy

I DARE YOU!!! THIS DAY Forward, LIVE your Life like every prayer has been answered. #wewalkbyfaith #answeredprayer❤️ #faith #nothingbutgreatness #motivation💯 #livelife #prosperity

Everything Happens for a Reason..... - What’s your opinion? - #Perception #Ownership #motivation