My original character . From left to right ( Clover, Gon, Momoka, Ashley and Kellianne). Chibis at bottom left (Vanilla and Iris) and chibi at bottom near right corner is Nio. Going to color these later. #mydrawing #mycharcters #drawing #illustration #art #pen #outline #アニメ #アニメスタイル #i_ris #oc #illustrator #カワイイ #かわいい #cute

I Drawed my 2 character! Lauren and Lexi:D I hope u like it or love it or even hate it💔🔫 but anyways ENJOY!💖💕💖💕✨✨ Art by me:> #art #myart #instagramartist #mycharcters #mycharctersbatim

Woosh I’m a fudging dork XD So my friend sent me this template and I used it (a lot lol) with Airheart, Carrie, The Fangirl, Titanium, And Jasmine. Idek anymore lol (If ur reading this comment which one you like best Lel) #sonicoc #sonicfc #template #myart #mycharcters #datingsim #datingsimulator #airheartscinimaticuniverse

I Drawed my character Taurissa and Alice angel from bendy and the ink machine!:D enjoy!!✨💖💕 Art by me:> #art #myart #instagramartist #mycharcters #aliceangel #Fanart #batimart

((part-6)) I made more character^w^👌✨ This one is a depression character:> 💥Name =Louise *Single *biosexual *female Likes❤ 💚black and gray 💚Crying so much 💚Dark things, like a very dark things 💚night and seeing the moon shine above her and knifes 💚she has low-self esteem 💚sweets like candy and other things 💚dancing and trying to to be happy Dislike💔 💙going crazy and insane 💙negative thought 💙Boys sometimes ----------------------------- 💥Name =Lauren *Single *straight *female likes❤ 💜Pink and flowers 💜dresses and painting,singing 💜wanted to be pretty and perfect 💜she wants to feel importanted Dislike💔 💛Bugs 💛People talking behind her back 💛Making her wear ugly things I hope you like it or love it or even hate it💔🔫 anyways! ENJOY!!💕✨ Art by me:> #art #myart #instagramartist #mycharcters

Drawed my female character name cash:> I hope you like it or love it or even hate it💔🔫 but anyways! ENJOY!!💕💖✨ Art by me:> #art #myart #instagramartist #mycharcters

Two pages of character refs, for the past couple days I've been doing these refs since I've updated the characters. ÷ ÷ #watercolor #watercolorsketchbook #charcterrefs #minornudity #mycharcters #ocs #hiddensocs

((part-4)) more character! That i redraw:D 💥Name =Silly Liz *Single *female *straight Likes❤ 💜Blue, red 💜Play 💜Messing around 💜Singing 💜Hiding 💜Friends 💜Watching people sleeping Dislike💔 💚Not fun 💚Meanie people 💚People controlling her ----------------------------- 💥name =Samantha *single *female *crush- grianna *bisexual Likes❤ 💙Flowers 💙Cats, bunnies 💙Pink and blue 💙Clean and help out 💙Animals 💙Shy, for talking to her crush Dislike💔 💛rude people 💛Poking her one eyes 💛Try not to be sad 💛Seeing somebody taking away her crush ----------------------------- 💥Name =Honey *Single *straight *crush- Alexander *female likes❤ 💙Singing and music 💙Stalking her senpai 💙Watching her senpai sleeping 💙Love to call her crush "Senpai" Dislike💔 💚Getting into a fight with a girl 💚Seeing some girl talking to her senpai ----------------------------- 💥Name =Alexander *Single *straight *crush- secret *male Likes❤ 💛jumping and fighting, blue 💛Lazy and sleeping 💛Carrot and sometime goes crazy or insane 💛Knifes, flowers 💛Jokes and hanging out Dislike💔 💙Yelling at him 💙Being rude I hope you like it or love it or even hate it💔🔫 but anyways! ENJOY!!✨ Art by me:> #instagramartist #myart #art #mycharcters

Drawed my character Taurissa!!!❤ O//V//<👌✨ I hope you like it or love it or even hate it💔🔫...BUT anyways~ ENJOY!!!❤ Art by me:> #instagramartist #art #myart #mycharcters

"Here's Keegan and I. Oh and for those who don't know, Keegan is Devil's 'son'. ( ̄^ ̄)" "We met when Teia here, gave up her soul. And now must find Cuphead and Mugman as Devil comands." (Anyways, here's another drawing of Teia and Keegan. Yes Keegan is The Devils son. While Teia is Devils new collector/servant.) ×××× Art Name: Keegan and Teia Date: 4/13/2018 By: FallenAn9el391 (me) ×××× #teia #keegan #thedevilsson #cuphead"devilsson" #kingdiceanddevils"son" #babtqftimau #anotherau #mycharcters #selfinsert #myart #mydrawing #keegan+Teia #color #markercolor #babtqftimoc #babtqftimselfinsert #cupheadoc #cupheadselfinsert

((part 3-REPOST)) I wanted to draw an animal character:D so, I did and I might wanna to draw more! So ya VwV💕💞✨🌟 ----------------------------- 💥Name =Lucy the Cat *Single *Female Love❤ *straight 💚Yarn 💚Potion, petting her 💚Spells, sneaking 💚Helping, creepy things 💚Witches DisLove💔 ❤disturb ❤Being push around ❤Somebody being mean or hurting her brother ----------------------------- 💥Name =Mark the Bunny *Single *Male Loves❤ *straight 💛Pranking her sister 💛hiding 💛Being cute, playing 💛Cakes and sweets 💛Being silly, sleeping Dislove💔 ❤Being perfect ❤Yelling at him ❤Taking away he's sweets ----------------------------- (P.S- Lucy and Mark are brother and sister! Just letting you know!) HOPE YOU LIKE IT OR LOVE IT OR EVEN HATE IT 💔🔫 BUT ANYWAY ENJOY!!❤ Art by me:> #instagramartist #art #myart #mycharctersanimals #mycharcters

((part 2-REPOST)) more character! 💥Name =Cash *Single *Female Likes❤ *straight 💛Potions 💛Magic 💛Spells 💛Books 💛Spending time at her house Dislikes💔 ❤Don't like somebody messing up her potion and spells ❤Loud people ----------------------------- 💥Name =Olivia *Single *Female Likes❤ *straight 💙Pink 💙Sleep 💙Draw and painting 💙Huming 💙Dressing up and cosplay Dislike💔 ❤Brown and black ❤scary movies ❤crying and judging ❤sad and being mean to her art ----------------------------- 💥Name =Donnie *Single *Male Likes❤ *straight 💜acting cool 💜fights 💜being tough 💜music 💜being cool and pocky sticks 💜sleeping or being lazy Dislikes💔 ❤not having fun, suger ❤girly girls ❤ pets and cakes ❤Bothering him ----------------------------- 💥Name =Taurissa *Single *Female Likes❤ *straight ❤Baking ❤Cleaning ❤Dancing ❤Ballet dancer ❤nap ❤Taking care of other people ❤Kind and helpful ❤Wanted to feel loved Dislike💔 ❤Being control ❤Fish ❤Being pick on ❤Rude people ❤Crying ----------------------------- HOPE YOU LIKE IT OR LOVE IT OR EVEN HATE IT💔🔫 BUT ANYWAY ENJOY!!❤ Art by me:> #art #instagramartist #myart #mycharcters

🐝📖 3/23 Зднем народження Євген!!📖🐝 🐝 Hey everybody qvq back at it again with an OC birthday post,this time being the eldest Egorov sibling, Yevhen qvq! His birthday was actually the 23rd, but we finally managed to do a picture for him now, so here it is qwq! This is of course a joint post with Bae @kawaii__candi , you guys know the drill, and her picture is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my lifu TvT! 🐝 So Yevhen is Pavel and Olya's first son and in this picture he is having a good time with everybody in the family q7q His wife Winnie is there and so are their kids Olya (names after the mom, known as Smolya ovo) and the triplets Ashton, Caspien and Ernest q7q Winnie is also pregnant again because these two wanted to have more than just a couple kids and they manages just fine xD They are also joined by uncles Cole and Vadja (who has a soft spot for Olya and Ashton) and Papa Pavel and Dom! Their family is honestly just adorable and they are one of my favorite groups qvq 🐝 Fun fact TvT Vadim tended to be the more troubled kid between the two, while Yevhen was always more like his mom, independent and reserved qvq he loves books and quietness qvq- Winnie was actually the first girl he really liked who noticed him back and agreed to go on dates with him qvq He is not the most expressive of people and really appreciates her kindness and affection towards him TvT! She really makes his heart happy q7q 🐝 Yevhen's favorite childhood bookseries was Winnie the Pooh - and he still adores it qvq so Winnie and him dress their children in cute Winnnie The Pooh onesies to make them fit in qwq! Bae had this cute idea and it is now 100% canon ovo 🐝 Bae @kawaii__candi is posting as well Q7Q she gave the new Egorov family such cute looks and expressionPLEASE CAN WE CLAP IT OUT FOR SMOLYA'S ARTISTIC SKILLS AND HER SPELLING SHE IS SO ADORBLE HNNNNG YEVHEN LOVES THEM ALL 🐝 ILYSMBaeqvq💙💜💙 🐝 #myart #mystuff #store #kawaii__candi #tattysoc #sketchbook #manga #spectrumnoir #copic #crafterscompanion #sketchbook #mycharcters

"Sister and brother" My adorable animal character💗💕✨ I love them >w< But anyway! Hope you like it or love it or even hate it💔🔫 ENJOY!!❤ Art by me #instagramartist #art #myart #mycharctersanimals #mycharcters