🍴Sunday food prep day 🍴 Each Sunday I spend 1 - 2 hours doing food preparation for the week. This sounds like a lot of time, but when you take into account each morning/night it soon adds up. So, what do I prepare? 🍎 Sandwiches for husband and kids (mostly cheese and peanut butter) 🍎 Cut up fruit into mini ‘fruit salads’ 🍎 Hard boil eggs 🍎 Cut up vegetables 🍎 Portion any other snacks (sultanas/dried fruit etc) 🍎 Dinner for Monday and Tuesday (as I work these days) I then do a second mini prep on a Wednesday or Thursday (my at home days). One less thing to do on those hectic school mornings!

Big overhaul in our shop layout...every glass case being shuffled! Come check it out. Don’t forget our new hours 9-7 on weekdays starting Aug 1st. . . . #renarms #rifle #guns #firearms #shotgun #pistol #newhampshire #2a #barringtonnh #shuffle #newstuff #organized

There is a better way to organize your fridge - watch this video to see how 🍉🥦🥩

Haven’t you guys always admired the minimalist who stick to a strict wardrobe color palette. Ohhh how their closets are a breeze. Not to mention they must save a ton of money 💰 shopping. I on the other hand have the complete opposite shopping habits. 🤷🏽‍♀️

What’s worse for you Barnes and Noble or Ulta? I cannot go into either one of those stores without spending at least an hour trying to debate on what I want. It’s a freaking trap; then they give you a coupon for buy one get one free Frappuccino??? how the hell am I supposed to not do that!! Well, today was a great day! New book ✔️ New planner ✔️ twice the hype ✔️ Back in action with work tonight now that I have my new laptop chord (my dog chewed mine up.. GUESS HOW MUCH? 79 FRICKEN DOLLARS FOR A CHORDDDD!!) I know there’s some of you waiting + wanting to join me! I’ll be emptying out the inboxes tonight! Why not now? Why not you? Who doesn’t want to get paid to get themselves in shape and better their mindset + life all together. I go to Barnes and Noble several times a month now because part of my job is to read personal development and listen to podcasts that will make me grow as a person - not be held back from all the bs. What’s holding you back? Time? Money? Ha, I said that too. Then, I realized it was just myself.

This is what happened when I stripped all the old suspension from my GTI to new and on coilovers, rebuilt the transmission, and a custom exhaust. 🤦‍♂️Leave all my tools in my roll around cart a complete mess...Life has been crazy...So I haven’t been able to reorganize til now. I hate having to dig through tools lol. All back in bags and boxes 😏🏎..til the next full on project...verrrry soon #tools #gearhead #gti #mk5 #wrench #coilovers #suspension #wheels #rims #exhaust #custom #new #organized #nomoremess #nextproject #nextbuild #build #doyourownwork #morecarsplease

Step 1 in getting more organized. Put this rolling desk together and now I can move it around the house. Just need to clean up the cords. #organized #organization #cleanup

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