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In case you're ever confused about the existence of fat phobia, let me tell you a story from yesterday - One of my hobbies is finding child molesters on Facebook and getting their profiles removed. All you need is a link to their profile and a link to their national registry. If you hurt kids, you aren't allowed on Facebook. And if you hurt kids, I've got a personal vendetta against you. I was talking about one in particular who is on his 5th account because of me. When he was 24 he had sex with a 14 year old child, while his 22 year old cousin fucked a 12 year old. These are men I went to school with. Men who are around my age. Men who fucked kids. Someone called me a "fat nasty cunt" and said I was a "small minded person in a big ol body" over it. It wasn't even one of the pedophiles or their family saying it. Because apparently, being fat is worse than being a pedophile. You can see where apparently I also think I know everything - but that's not true. I just know fucking children is wrong. We live in a world where to some people, fat is literally the worst thing you can be. What a fucking world.

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Another couple of ‘real’ bodies. All bodies are real bodies, it’s just our perspective needs widening slightly ♥️ —— IMAGE @rachelperu at @therealdiversity walk in London