yo kerja yo yang rajin... . . #happymonday . . #prepare and #write your plan for a week ahead to harvest better #productivity

In business, if you can't measure what leads to results, you can't manage or grow it! Share with us what have you been measuring recently! :)

It's been a weekend full of powerful transformations! Not just in my own life, but also in the lives of my clients. . 💜aha "lightbulb" thoughts happening left and right. . 💛clients seeing the power of letting things be easy as I walk them through a new reality for their life and business. . 💚women showing up (despite their fears) and increasing the know, like, and trust factor with their audience. . 💖feeling confident enough in my own life to choose a new thought when I suddenly caught myself feeling obligated. And being able to move past it with love and action. . You see...everything we do (as we show up in world) has a ripple effect. . Think of a trail of stacked dominoes. When you choose to think one new thought about getting visible (with me guiding you along the way), you set the ENTIRE line of dominoes in motion. . One thought impacts the next thought, which impacts the next action, which impacts your next client, which impacts the people in their lives, which impacts their entire community, which impacts the world. . 💥💥💥You, my friend, have so much more power than you could ever imagine to create positive change in the world. . In order to have the transformation you desire (and get paid to be you), you have to apply the tools and do the work. . Are you ready to make getting visible fun and easy?. -Conquer your fears of being seen. -Grow your list of dream clients. -Make money living out your calling. . 📲It starts with a simple phone call. Me and you. ✅Regardless of whether you choose to work with me, you leave the phone call with a plan on how to move forward conquering your visibility fears. ✅The info to schedule is above in my bio. . . . . . 📸 @3wstudiosd

Using Bound is easy! Simply put in the date 📅, time ⏰, location📍(using google map), and price per minute 💸.

I did a thing! ✨ on top of a super productive Sunday, in which Dyz and I cleaned + vacuumed the entire apartment, did laundry (clothes + towels/mats), brought a bunch of broken PC parts to a Staples for electronics recycling, took out trash/recycling, and stopped by a Target, where I got these decorative lights & wall hangings of Anna & Elsa 😍 finally starting to decorate my setup a bit so that it’s not so bland! ••• #twitch #twitchtv #decoration #streamer #streaming #setup #pcsetup #lights #home #productivity #productive, our new portfolio will feature regular people like you. And for your time, you will be paid to participate. Requirements are no models, no weaves, nor wigs as hairstyle. Also, you must be comfortable with yourself. The hair you came in this world with is what we are interested in. Submit your entry to the above email address. Good luck. #Atlanta #atl #productivity #weloveatl #styleblogger #sundayfunday #midtown #poncecitymarket #artist #directing #vision #beautyproducts #creation #headshots #smile #fashionphotography #greetingcards #naturalhair #atlbighair #atlphotographer #fotodujour #picoftheday #summer #hairdo #style #atlfashion #dreads #cornrows #shorthair #YesBoreImages

Sunday- a day to reset, recharge, and reflect on all you have. Beauty is all around us if we just quiet our spirits to see it. “Every painted sky is a canvas of your grace.” Hillsong United #soulsunday #warriorcoach #transformutoday #becomethewarriortoday #femaleentrepreneurs

Are you a to-do list kind of person? I am that kind of person too. Being a mompreneur means having a gazillion things to do, but let’s be honest, most often we end up not ticking off everything in that little list. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So instead of listing down 20 things to-do, start with that ONE thing which can actually make today really matter. 😊 And do it really, really well. 💪🏻 . What are your productivity hacks? Share in comments below, I’ll copy you. 😍 #mondaymotivation #mompreneur #momlife #iinhealthcoach #fitfam #iinhealthcoach #productivity #passion #entrepreneurlife #homebased #bossmama #ladyboss

If you listen I think you’ll hear it. It’ll be the sound of your life calling you. The life you really want - not the one you accepted. It’s never too late if we can still hear that call. I think if we can hear the knock at the door we can still open it. Sometimes life trips us up a little or tests us. I think it’s in those moments that real clarity is found. Not the motivation meme sort of clarity that lasts the next scroll. I mean the ‘whoa I’ve been here now and I know the truth’ sort of clarity. Now it’s time to open that door. Ps if you can’t hear that faint knocking it might be time to go kick the door a couple times and wake up the knocker.

Working from home today which means every time I feel like procrastinating; I mosey on over and start cleaning the collectibles 😂 Pomodoro does have it's benefits though. . . . #monday #productivity #pomodoro #procrastination #momlife #mumlife #selfemployed #workingmom #boss #bossbabe #royaldoulton #silverware #crystal #cleaning #collectibles #timemanagement

Truth is, we spend so much time and energy at work to get things done. So, if you want to improve your mood or happiness at work, "make your space your own". Decorate your area as much as your company policy permits. By doing so, you're making yourself comfortable, relaxed and even more productive. Create your own nest! 📷 @tookapic #worknest #decorate #workstation #boostmood #creativity #productivity #Energymanagement #TheEnergyPrinciple #TEPAu