S/O to all of great people that came out and showed support it is highly appreciated!! #HaveYouHadYourSweetsByChar #Sweetsbychar #ThankfulAndGrateful #PuttingGodFirst

Almost 13 yrs of marriage together. We've been together though since highschool. So about 15 yrs total. We have been through some really hard times. And times when it seemed very dark and lonely even though we we're still together. But with God #allthingsarepossible In marriage I continue to learn the importance of #forgiveness #lovingunconditionally #thelittlethings #dates #puttinggodfirst #prayingtogether #prayingformyhusband and to keep hoping and believing in the hard times that #thebestisyettocome #hopefilledjourney We've also had many fun times. And amazing memories together. I continue to learn... That it's these things we need to hold onto and remember.

We have to seek God more. Less self and less overwhelming ourselves with so much to do. We say we don't have time for this or that but our lives are full of activities we fill them with. Where in all that do we make time for God and His word? I fell miserably at making time for Him and His word at times. And at times I'm on it. He should be our center and everything else revolve around Him not ourselves and all our activities be center! #timetorefocus #puttingGodfirst #lessofme #moreofHim #pray #readHisword #focusonHim

Ive got a lot on my mind an I really felt the need to share so here it is: Life has not been easy for my family over the past few years , an trust me i get that we are not the only ones that feels this way either, this is just coming from a widowed mother of 3 an at times it's seemed a little unfair for us but for the first time in my life I dont see it that way I am now truly grateful for all the pain an struggles I've endured over the past 4years. Because i now see that without them I wouldn't be the person I am today. I never thought I'd ever be able to accept losing my Mom or losing my children's father only 11months later, I mean that was beyond heartbreaking to watch my children suffer an not be able to do anything to fix it, the pain and feelings are unexplainable. But I have since come to realize that through that pain it has made me stronger than i ever thought possible. Over the last 9months of my life I have learned so much about myself, about others that I thought loved me an would never betray me, i learned more about God an his forgiveness, an how he can restore you in a way that no other human ever could! I learned that the love I've been searching for all along, in so many others has been there in him just waiting patiently for me to see. (Once blind but now I see) truer words have never been spoken.js He's never once left me nor forsaken me, an for that I am truly grateful! Ive made the decision to finally give God all of me, not just parts of me. An to live life seeking only his will trusting in him to lead guide an direct my path no matter the storms I know God will carry me through.. God has shown me that I can finally forgive myself for all the pain I have caused for others, an to even forgive others no matter what, because it is only then that you will experience TRUE FREEDOM.. WHAT AN AMAZING GOD WE HAVE, HE HAS SHOWN ME WHAT TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE REALLY IS. #SOHERESTONEWBEGINNINGS #PUTTINGGODFIRST #SOBERLIFE #FREEDOM #MAMAOF3AMAZINGBOYS #NATEDAWG12 #TAYLORBUG11 #BOOTERMAN16 #ONLYGODCANJUDGEME #IVEBEENFORGIVEN #WALKINGBYFAITHNOTBYSIGHT #ONEDOORCLOSESANOTHEROPENS #TOOBLESSEDTOSTRESS #RECOVERINGADDICTSTATUS #FAMILYOVEREVERYTHING🤗

Changing old bad habits, with new amazing habits! Instead of my phone being the last thing I look at before bed, it’s his word. #puttinggodfirst #changeforthebetter

Begin your day with #worship and delight in the Lord. #praisehisname Don’t forget to join us at the Balance Conference this year. www.roseofalphaomega.org #godeeperwithgod #womenempowerment #balanceconference2018 #spirituallybalanced #puttinggodfirst