Got my holiday sorted😂😂 No slacking here!! I had a great day :) #workout #gym #holiday #rest #happy #healthy #inspired #motivated #isleofwight #change

You are worth more than our work. Your productivity doesn’t define you. New video on Tubes about the importance of a day off. Also the cuteness factor is through the roof 🚣‍♂️ . . . . . #optoutside #rest #sabbath #letthembelittle #wildandbravelittles

В перерывах между концертами 😊 #fainemisto #ternopil #camping #music #festival #rest #party #vacation #2018 #rock

~RIP Nana~ I never thought that this day would happen, and I just somehow thought that you would always be there. But yesterday, you were sadly taken from all of us to start your new life in God’s house. The hardest part about it all is not being able to say goodbye, but I’m glad you got to enjoy your dream holiday and end your journey in your birth place of Kenya after visiting places from your childhood. I would have loved to hear your stories, but I guess they will remain forever untold. May your soul rest in peace, and may you continue to shine bright and look down on us all. ✨✨ I’ll forever cherish my childhood memories with you. You never realise how little time you have until something like this happens to you. Make time for the people you have in your life, because one day, they won’t be there, and it will forever leave you regretting that you didn’t do as much as you could have. I’ll be forever thankful that I got to have you in my life for the past 20 years. I promise to make you proud 💖

Hard lesson to learn sometimes ... until your body makes the decision for you to rest. Okay, okay, I hear you. ❤️😴🤕