Title: A Guide to Practical Christian Living Day: 339 . . (As I was preparing this Daily Bread journal this morning, somehow looking at the banner image reminded me of the covers of a potential book. The left side behind the front cover, and the right look like a back cover, what do you think?) . ========================= . Anyway, in today's entry, I wrote about how my daily bread journal entries have always been centered upon the idea of making the Word of God available to both Christians and non-Christians alike. . A senior pastor of a church I used to attend often said this, "The Bible is like our Operating Manual to Life.", and I believe that to be true, especially now that I am on the right path of doing that. . I also wanted the chance to share with non-Christians that the Bible isn't just for Christians or church goers. The Bible is for everyone. And my hopes is that through my journals, it will help them to understand how they can apply the Word of God into their own daily lives and be blessed by it. . #mydailybread #day339 #dailydevotion #entrepreneurs #dailydevotionforentrepreneurs #christianity #christianliving #bible #wordofgod #god #centeredongod #christians #nonchristians #nonbelievers #practical #practicalliving #livingbythewordofgod #inspiring #inspiration #motivating #motivational #spiritualjourney #spiritualreflections #spiritualjournal

Once again, I return to my home country as a foreigner. • Being the British-born daughter of Pakistani immigrant parents, going “back home” always meant returning to their homeland of Pakistan. But the two times I have been back and been old enough to remember it, Pakistan never truly felt like home. As much as the farm animals in our backyard and the smell of cooking outside on an open fire brought a beautiful kind of peace to my heart, in many ways I still felt like a stranger in a foreign land: among cousins who referred to me as “angrezi” (English) and aunties who mocked my attempts at speaking Urdu. • Now, being a British-born Pakistani living on the beautiful island of Mauritius, going “back home” means returning to the U.K.: the land I was born and raised in; the country that gave me an education, healthcare and a home; the place of my family and all of my friends and countless experiences and memories. • Just before leaving Mauritius a few days ago for our first trip home since we moved there almost 2 years ago, I was filled with a mixture of emotions. I felt nervous, apprehensive and excited all at the same time. I felt like I was suddenly bursting free of the little bubble we had created on that tiny little island and returning to the real world. I wondered how much everything would have changed; especially the people and places dearest to my heart. But more than anything, I contemplated how much I had changed in these 2 years since making one of the biggest decisions of my entire life and whether I would be able to slot back in to the life I had left behind. Would I now feel like a foreigner in the country I had always known as home? • I realise now that it really doesn’t matter. Change is inevitable. And change is beautiful. I realise now that everywhere is home. And nowhere is home. And despite all of the labels we attach to ourselves and to each other, we’re all travellers, passing through this world and through this life until we all eventually return Home. Love & Light to you.🙏🏽✨💛 #SabahIsmail #Consciousness #ConsciousBlog #ConsciousBlogger #expatlife #immigrantlife #manchestertomauritius #travellers #spirituality

I WISH I COULD..... I wish I could talk to my younger self and tell her this...... There is no need for you to call yourself bad names- ugly, fat, weak, stupid There is no mirror which can show you how beautiful your smile is when you read a great book, when you breathe at your own pace while sleeping, when you calm your soul, touching the ground with your bare feet There is no need to compare your body, your personality, your behaviour to anyone else Your genes, your body type and the environment you grow up are unique to you and hugely impact your physical apperance There is no need to get upset about not being great at everything and not getting on with everyone Your mission is to follow the guidance and directions to uncover your very vulnerable and authentic self- using a set of specific talents you have There is no need to beat yourself up for not going on a diet again and again, not counting calories 24/7 or eating an extra large piece of cake Your body knows exactly what she needs and if you take extra time to learn how to spot the signs, she will tell you what she needs and guide you how to achieve the balance which works for you - be prepared however for a lifelong journey as she will do her best to adapt to your age, your routine, your commitments The harsh truth is I can no longer bring back my younger self - I can however use those above points to remind myself how important I AM, and how vital the SELF AWARENESS related to my body is, regardless how far I have come in my life What would you say to your younger self? Feel free to share in the comments #youngerselfadvice #lifelessonslearned #perksofadulthood #mylifemyrules #preachwhatyouteach #bedtimethoughts #spiritualreflections #reflectionaboutlife #uniquebeing #empoweringthoughts

Maybe with everything I have going on in my life, some people might think, “How does Sherman deserve to be so blessed? Look at all his mistakes and failures in the past.” . Yeah, you are most probably right too. I have made countless mistakes and had multiple failures in my life. And if I were to be blunt with myself, I am probably the least deserving person too. But I am still grateful to God for blessing me with everything. I might not be a perfect person, or have made the perfect choices in my life, but I am determined to put it behind me and to focus on what’s ahead and to focus on pleasing God from that moment forth. Every single moment since I started this Daily Bread journal entry has been about pleasing God and putting Him first above everything else. . So, if you will be willing to start pleasing God with a cheerful heart starting with this very moment, there is really no telling just how blessed you can become. Think of it like removing that barrier that you might have been experiencing before. It’s like removing the floodgates and allowing the river of breakthrough overflow & take over your life. Amen. #day338 #blessings #floodgatesofblessings #blessingsovertakingyou #mydailybread #dailydevotionforentrepreneurs #allthingsarepossible #pleasinggod #puttinggodfirst #godcentered #attitude #mentality #wordofgod #christianliving #bible #reading #biblereading #spiritualreflections #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth #christians #blessed #breakthroughs #holyspirit #spiritofgod #god #christianity #christianentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #favourofgod

An abundant life is one where you have the ability to create, explore, and experience your desires consistently.  When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears. 💫👑 #AbundanceMindset #AbundantLife #awakeninglife #spiritualreflections #TheUniverseIsSpeaking #ButAreYouListening #LoveAndLight

If you reflect deeply, it’s amazing that we get to call upon Allah directly. We don’t need anyone as an intermediate, we can address Him directly, whenever, wherever. And although He always knows what is in our hearts, He listens to us and grants us with what is best for us. Never think that Allah has not answered our prayers. He is the All-Wise, surely He will answer our prayers in what He deems the best way. 💖 . . . #quotes #quoteoftheday #dailyquotes #quotestagram #quran #quranquotes #quotesfromquran #quranicayat #islamicquotes #islamicposts #islamicreminders #allah #god #religion #islam #muslimah #muslimquotes #words #wordstoliveby #quotestoliveby #deep #deepquotes #reflect #spiritual #spiritualreflections #muslims #ayat

Un momento después de nuestro estudio bíblico de los miércoles, #ReflexionesEspirituales - - A moment after our Wednesday night Spanish bible study, #SpiritualReflections

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Day 330 Title: The Gift of Knowledge [Gifts of the Spirit] . . My Daily Bread has always been a way and purpose for me to discover and understand, and eventually share with others how they can apply the Word of God into their lives [even if they are non-Christians]. How do you become the living Word of God? And how can you in turn help inspire others do the very same? It’s through the application of the Word of God. . . In this first part of the series, where we will explore each of the gifts of the Spirit, I decided to share what the Gift of Knowledge really is and how you can apply it in your life, and in turn become a blessing to those around you. And in this journal, I shared 3 steps: . . Step One: Build Up Your Knowledge in the Natural World Step Two: Don’t Be Afraid of Failing. They Are the Greatest Teachers of True Knowledge. Step Three: Be Grounded in the Word of God. . . When you do all three steps and you are committed to applying them to your life, regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, it can turn your life around, and it can perhaps get you to the next level, and in the process also bless others, and help others do the same. #holyspirit #giftsofthespirit #spiritualgifts #giftofknowledge #knowledge #trueknowledge #understanding #application #livingwordofgod #steps #meditation #day330 #mydailybread #dailydevotionforentrepreneurs #series #journal #supernaturalknowledge #biblestudy #biblereading #wordofgod #bible #centeredongod #godcentered #groundedonthewordofgod #beablessingtoothers #dailydevotion #spiritualreflections #faith #journal #spiritualjournal

But one thing I didn’t understand growing up was the idea that I can be free to be myself. I grew up feeling like I have to earn the praises and acceptance of my parents. My sister was the super smart kid growing up, extremely talent in the piano and music. She was good in her grades and she was basically the role model. Well, as for me….my grades suffered in primary school, then in secondary school, things seemed to get better a little bit. But the moment I entered polytechnic, I was back in the mode of wanting to fit in again. By the time I reached Year Three of my Diploma, I did certain things that nearly cost me my Diploma. I had to see a psychiatrist to clinically certify that I was mentally troubled so that the school will allow me to retain my Diploma. I lied about so many things in my life. If there was a shipping container for all the lies I have spoken since I was a kid, I think one shipping tanker wouldn’t be enough to hold it all. . . It was only until I started this Daily Bread journal that God finally opened up my eyes to see who I really am, the person that He has created me to be, as well as the person He hoped I will become. God has definitely designed a great purpose for every single one of us, but ultimately, we still have the free will to decide if we ever want to realize all of that potential and greatness He has placed within us. This Daily Bread experience this past year has helped me to embrace not only who I am, but also potentially the kind of man that God wanted me to become. . It took learning to love myself for who I am and to really accept and embrace my own flaws before I was able to finally stop lying about certain things and just be absolutely honest with others about myself. And the moment I was able to start being honest with others about myself, that was also the moment when I began to feel liberated. The most important part of it is that I know God loves me for who I am. #mydailybread #day326 #lovingyourself #acceptingyourself #dailydevotions #dailydevotionsforentrepreneurs #wordofgod #reflections #spiritualreflections #motivational #encouragement #emotionalsupport #god #biblereading #christianliving #inspirational #selflove

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Day 317: Taking Ownership My Daily Bread Journal . For some folks, maybe being responsible comes naturally. I don’t know, I am not them and I am certainly not you. I just assumed that for some people, being responsible is ingrain in them, like a personality trait. . But that is not true. After years of watching motivational self-development videos, as well as reading so many self-improvement books, what I have discovered for myself [in reality], is that being responsible starts with the effort. It takes a conscious effort to choose to respond every single time someone says something negative and you feel like just defending your innocence. That is your fight or flight response (but sometimes I think it’s more of a fight or flight reaction). In any given situation, I had to learn it the painstaking way, that I have to decide if I am going to react or respond to it. Trust me, eventhough I made that decision to take ownership of my life a few years ago, it took me nearly 3 years to actually figure it out and how it should work. . Today, I am much better at handling those situations and people. Eventhough in all honesty, I think that I might still slip up when I get extremely furious, or when I get extremely desperate in a situation and the noise in my head won’t stop telling me to just react. But I guess with the heightened self-awareness, you can say that I am most definitely much better at handling my own situations now. #takingownership #day317 #mydailybread #dailydevotions #entrepreneurs #beingresponsible #youhavethepowertodecide #alwayshaveachoice #respond #dontreact #takeseffort #selfimprovement #personaldevelopment #reflections #soulsearching #christianliving #beresponsible #responsibility #responseability #thinkbeforeyouact #motivational #inspirational #spiritualreflections #myspiritualjourney #selfdevelopment #characterbuilding #beabetterperson #change #personaltransformation

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