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what’s your favorite song by Taylor? a very hard question... mine has got to be all too well, long live, enchanted, or delicate😍

Hi guys! Tomorrow is day 2 of #tswiftyoga #childspose for #nevergrowup from Taylor’s third album #speaknow This song takes me back to my childhood! 😊😀 Poses are in for those who want to prepare for it early! ❤️🎵New Challenge Alert🎵❤️ . . Do you stay out too late? Go on too many dates? If you don’t want people to think you’ve got nothing in your brain, then you need to join #tswiftyoga! . . Join us as we turn our favorite Taylor Swift songs into yoga poses all the way back from her very first album to Reputation! This challenge will run from June 20-29. . . Hosts: @jordandaminger @tiachris70 . . Sponsors: @wisteriaearrings @urbanizedbeauty @efestosports @chicmoda.sport . . Joining is easy! 1. Repost this flyer and tag 3 friends to join! 2. Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in your daily posts. 3. Use the hashtag #tswiftyoga in your posts. 4. Make sure your account is public so we can see your lovely posts! 5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! 🎵 Poses: Day 1 Heart Opener for Love Story ❤️ Day 2 Child’s Pose for Never Grow Up 👶 Day 3 Horse Stance for White Horse 🐴 Day 4 Crow Pose for Haunted 🐦 Day 5 Savasana for I Knew you were Trouble Day 6 Dancer’s Pose for Delicate 💃 Day 7 Any Twist for Look What you Made Me Do 🐍 👀 Day 8: Wild Thing for Wildest Dreams 😍 Day 9 Warrior 2 for Shake it Off 😜 Day 10 Cat Cow for Gorgeous 🐈 #yoga #yogajourney #taylorswiftyoga #taylorswift #tswift #yogaig #yogaofinstagram #yogainstagram #yogacommunity #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday