Circumventing one of the storms- surprised to see how close we stayed to it. June 2018

Franks slide is Canada’s worst rockslide. 600 people lost there lives when the mountain came down and buried the town of frank. Boulders the size of your garage rolled down the valley covering gold creek and rolled right up the other side of the valley #sidestreetadventures #sidestreettraveltips #traveldestination #frankslide #canada #traveladventure #goexplore #rockymountains

I don't remember the name of the saint of this picture but I quite sure when I took that picture few years ago there was a reason. After some research, I took that picture in San Lorenzo's Church. This fresque is a religious mix between Amerindian's and Christian's . I probably took the picture for the beauty of details. #traveldiary #travelphotography #traveladventure #welovetodiscover #potosi #bolivia

Mayan ruins in Tulum! 🇲🇽