One year ago today I took a big chance on a dream of mine, and started a blog to help teach people about travel hacking. 😬 - Needless to say, I was very nervous about how it would be received or if people even cared to hear about what I had to say. But I’m happy to say that 7,000 people have visited my blog for advice about travel over the last year! 🤗 - I can’t thank all of you enough for your support, it means the world to me. Especially since the blog’s anniversary is also my birthday! 🕺🎉 - So to celebrate The Freequent Flyer Blogs one year anniversary, I’m offering credit card consultations, for one week, for just one dollar! (A 90% discount!) 😱 - As I enter my 24th year I’m excited to continue exploring the world, while sharing all my secrets about how you can do the same! ✈️ - So here’s to another year of adventures! Cheers & safe travels! 🌎

Toujours un bon moment en famille à @mtltrudeau en face du hangar d’ @aircanada au Parc Jacques de Lesseps pour observer les avions dé réfléchir à la prochaine destination! . . . . . #familytravel #awardtravel #travelhacking #travelhack #travelblogger #avgeek #instatravel #luxurytravel #travellife #travelgram #travelblog #milesopedia #frequentflyer #travel #traveltips #miles #businessclass #avecaeroplan #withaeroplan #aeroplan #instagramaviation #instaplane

Connaissez-vous le phénomène bioluminescence lors des marées rouges ? Ce phénomène a été repéré sur la côte californienne cette semaine... Microorganismes du phytoplancton équivalents à des algues unicellulaires sont capables de bioluminescence quand leur membrane cellulaire est stimulée mécaniquement. Quand ils sont remués par les vagues ou par les courants marins, ils réagissent avec l’oxygène et produisent cette réaction magnifique de bioluminescente. Credit: 📸 @maritortuga 📸 @shuoyiluo 📸 @venturaharbor 📸 @ryansilverthorn1 📽️ @adventureshowcase #travel #traveling #instatravel #yulair #yulfly #travelblogger #travelphotography #travlephoto #travelhacker #traveler #travelblogger #travelblogs #travelhacker #travelhacking #instatraveling #instatravel #travelpic #travelpics #voyage #voyageur #photos #picoftheday #pics #photographer #photographie

Who else is out there living the frugal life in order to fund their travels? The social work salary definitely does not allow me to travel effortlessly. I put in a lot of work and sacrifice so that I can see the world. But it is all worth it! ... Sharing how I Save Money on Travel with Ebates on the blog today! Ebates is currently doing 2x cash back on all travel websites. Link in bio. . . . . . . #frugalliving #frugallife #budgettravel #budget #travelhacking #savingmoney #debtfreecommunity #budgetfriendly #moneysavingtips #travelrewards #debtfreeliving #travelawesome #canada #traveladdict #instatravel #beautifuldestinations #amazingplaces #bestintravel #worldtravelbook #travelblogger #allaboutadventures #Travelgirlsgo #seaplane #theglobewanderer #travelstoke

Seeing friends I met in Australia post pictures from there and all over the world constantly reminds me of the awesome times I had out there. But when I hear songs that remind me of things, people, and places from OZ I get a chill down my spine.  Guess its kind of a sad feeling from knowing I can never go back for that long again. This music gots me missing all you crazy fuckers! . . . Photo Cred: @lea.greminger @nicolajohann

Did you see how much money @financiallifocused is saving on four of her upcoming trips this summer by utilizing credit card rewards?🏖 • With so much focus on planning our trip to Russia (in 24 days!😍) we haven’t yet used our reward points or even made plans for them, but we sure are stacking them up.📈 • 💳Chase Sapphire Preferred 🖊Signup Date: 12/28/17 ⭐️Signup Bonus: 50,000 💰Current Points: 100,161 • 💳Chase Ink Business Preferred 🖊Signup Date: 2/24/18 ⭐️Signup Bonus: 80,000 💰Current Points: 94,497 • Total: 194,658 💵Cash Value: $1,946.58 🗺Travel Value: ~$2,433.23 • Our Sapphire is connected to Debitize and is used for everyday spending. Debitize takes each transaction amount out of our checking account the next morning and pays off this credit card every two weeks. • Our Ink card is generally used for our big purchases that require money to be transferred from our savings to our checking account to cover it. • No new cards are in the works yet. We want to make this a long term game as much as possible. • It’ll be Mr. Mondelli’s turn to choose our next big trip!🌎🌍 • For more info, check out the Credit Card Optimization tab on my website under Menu. • As always, my credit card posts are aimed at those who have the discipline to use them. Know yourself and know your limits.🖤 • Have a great rest of your weekend!

Later America! It’s travel time! I am burning some airline miles at the Saver level.

Обожаю этот город💛💙спасибо каменчанам!!! Вы отличная публика🙏

Checkin' the #oceanviews after #deckdiving into the #turqoisewater - Follow @nifty_drifter for more 🌊🌊😍 . . . . . . .

Exploring the Great Barrier Reef 🐠

Time for another adventure!

Pipeline Bling

💫 Hey, you, beautiful...don’t worry about what anyone else is doing! Forge your own way. Be the person you want to be, not who you are told to be by anyone else. 💫 Know 100% that who you are in your core is good, and worthy, and that you don’t need to fall prey to a culture that tells you there is a certain way you should act or be. 💫 If you see other people who seem like they have everything together, know that this is just an illusion. Everyone struggles with their own demons. No one’s relationship is what it looks like on the surface. No one’s life is what it looks like on Facebook or Instagram. 💫 Decide what’s important to you, how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish, how you want your life to look and start working toward that with the choices you make. 💫 Every step you take in the direction of where you want to go will get you that much closer. 💫 You’re stunning just as you are. #overcomingoverwhelm #stressless #drsamantha (Photo: Milan 2018)

👋 Want to see the FULL Guatemala-in-2-minutes recap video?Watch THE REST OF IT (and check out our Guate budget) ➡️ . . . . . #guatemala #antigua #riodulce #guate #gopro #travelcouple #travelingcouple #travelhacking #aroundtheworld #longtermtravel #roundtheworld #rtwtrip #roundtheworldtrip #societyofeverywhere

It’s the weekend! Hope you are jetting off to somewhere in First Class! 🛩