Get off me..😜

Blind spots and breakfast pizza. Yesterday during a massive declutter of my wardrobe I discovered 3 pairs of shoes I’d forgotten I’d bought over the last year. And my wardrobe is not extensive. They were just out of sight. As was half a cauliflower, a bunch of broccolini and a few stalks of coriander in the crisper, concealed by a bag of Singapore noodles that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in last weekend’s grocery shop. Blitzed cauliflower, finely chopped broccolini, peas, grated mozzarella, herbs, lemon rind, s&p and a couple of beaten eggs to hold. Cook in a well oiled pan over low-medium for 10 mins until crust forms, then under a hot grill for 5, or until bubbling. Happy Sunday treasure hunting 🙌

And a reward for a wee bit of trekking in the midday heat... #treasuretrove #summerdays #livelifetothefullest #foiegras and one of the best Scotch Eggs ever thanks #thyme&tidesdeli

Marc Jacobs ..😎

What you are looking at is a #treasuretrove of #creative #splendor. Dena’s Bazaar is a place to find your #textiles, #fashionfinds, #literature and #wisdom if you are open for a #conversation. Dena is a creative mind and #beautifulsoul. If there are any #frazierparkartists or nearby artists passing thru this way, I promise that a turn off the #5freeway #grapevine is worth your time and the few extra #miles. #frazierpark #designer #fashion #fidm #costuming #costumers #dream #artistdream #magic #greatprices #bazaar #clothing #boutique #selfdiscovery


Back to basics..🙌

Gorgeous dress from closet size 16 only €45. #preloved #treasuretrove #naas #galwayraces #tarasdesignerexchange

#storytime I was raised to think tools are #treasures. The first image is an accordion fold pocket book I made when I first started learning how to make books. It’s made of scraps and isn’t at all pretty but it is my #treasuretrove of paper samples, binding templates, and a list of bookbinding ideas I had the foresight to collect in one place (and never really looked at again because my problem has never been not enough ideas, but not enough time.) The second image is the idea at the top of that list. The third image, was the book I submitted for the #areyoubookenough #secret challenge and my current #diaryvolumes. I was going through my previous volume because I’m on an organization binge and there are strays to be gathered which is why today I looked at the idea list. I was going to add to it. I didn’t imagine I would have actually completed something on it. So I retrieved the little ceramic hippo (which has its own treasure story) and put it in its new hiding place as part of the diary. There’s a synergistic relationship between secrets and treasures, so this is submission to the #areyoubookenough July challenge, the opening of one treasure trove as a map to the next.

Check out the print on this! Snip snip. So happy with my new purchase #treasuretrove

Silk scarves...😍

Open from 12 noon today...🙌