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Good morning gorgeous souls 😘😘😘

After a long night of cottage partying Aubrey sits down to some amazing French toast and strawberries thanks @duncanclair #partybaby #cottagetrip2018 #toddlerfashion #babydruglord #onesierobe #frenchtoast #strawberries #wakingup

Watching the sun rise this morning was literally the greatest thing.. it was so peaceful, and just beautiful. No I didn’t take this picture, but the colors remind me of what I saw this morning.. I had a good night with good friends.. and I am thankful for everything and everyone that is in my life.. hahaha and we best have the best cali trip ever after all that planning :) love ya guys!!! #grateful #happy #wakingup #realizingmyworth

did anyone else sleep all day today? somehow i snoozed for about 5 hours on top of my original 8 hours of sleep. i usually feel guilty about sleeping in, but today i’m going to take a different route and say that I need to be nicer to me! i’m usually too hard on myself anyway. - in the last two weeks, i feel like i didn't get anything done. but i moved across the world, got health insurance, scheduled appointments with a slew of doctors, went shopping for and reorganized my room (nothing in boxes!!!), met with a lawyer, sold a piece on @grailed, did a creative shoot, got my mom hooked on drag race, equalized my gut flora, got recruited by and interviewed with a tech company, hacked my DSLR to record longer videos, started redesigning my portfolio and media kit, and mentored a ton of UX design students. in hindsight, i got a bunch of stuff done, so why don’t i feel accomplished? - it might be that i don’t have clarity on my priorities. i know the feeling from being a product manager in a past life. i know how to calculate womanpower and set quarterly goals in order of necessity. why haven’t i applied this method to my personal life? - those of you who know me will not be surprised to learn that i made an 80 row spreadsheet, color coded, with formulas calculating how many work hours i have in the day. in previous versions, i devoted 100% of waking time to my goals, but i always burned out. this time, i gave myself a generous buffer of 50% to allow for spontaneity. each item is weighted by time, money, and energy, with priority given to activities that give me energy! i narrowed it down to 5 goals, and i felt instant relief. this is completely realistic. - i'm curious—how do you balance your priorities? do you use a spreadsheet or something else? how do you get over self defeating thoughts?

✌️❤️😴 "The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. Because, if you can do that, you can do anything." #WakingLife #wakingup #love