Last night I played an acoustic set. I worked almost a 100 hours this week and have had one complete day off in like three weeks. I love my job actually. It’s a lifeline. With that said lemme tell you that my hands are fried and due to a long work day transporting and moving 103 slabs with heavy equipment in extremely unpredictable weather and lightening patterns yesterday I was destroyed with fatigue and pain. In fact I almost missed my own set due to delays in the field. I actually got there 2 minutes before I played and ran 7 blocks (I accidentally parked in the police station and got kicked out. Ha!) w/ my new guitar trying not to trip on shit. Everything always works out and I had a killer experience playing at Green Bench Brewing Co. You Vandal and Wolf-Face are great folks and bring the fun. Thanks Sarah Love for having me and Ryan Metcalf and Michael J. Wolf for bring it!!! Ha! I covered Intentions now I wanna learn like 10 more 15 songs! Peace🤘 #wolfface #youvandal #acoustic #sandspurcity

Harry’s first punk show was pretty appropriate #wolfface

My hooman says I’m getting heavy but it’s just my fur 😋🐻 #3months #samoyed #puppy #archiebear #bearface #wolfface

I do things like that when I want to sleep, also, horrible wolf anatomy :') ... #wolf #oc #wolfoc #pencildraw #drawofday #wolfface #originalcharacter #demonwolf

Absolutely loved having this beautiful mess visit at the weekend. Nothing changes! #oldfriends #week ends #pose #wolfface 📷: @gemread